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Lindsay Lohan Lands A New Television Role With “Sick Note”

It feels like an eternity since we last saw the gorgeous Lindsay Lohan on our screens, but that is all about to change with the exciting news that she has landed a role in the second series of the British television series, “Sick Note,” which also features actors Rupert Grint and Nick Frost. Four for you Lindsay Lohan, you go Lindsay Lohan!

It has been three years since the actress last graced our television screens in an episode of, “Two Broke Girls,” and even longer since her last movie, “The Canyons,” was released, so it’s fair to say that we need our Lindsay Lohan fix and that this news has made us very happy.

Although very few details have been released about Lindsay’s character in, “Sick Note,” so far, it has been reported that she will portray the role of Katrina West. Katrina is believed to be the daughter of Kenny West who is played by, “Miami Vice,” actor Don Johnson and according to the show’s bosses she will be a very humorous character who will make for excellent viewing.

Lindsay’s manager Scott Carlsen recently said that the actress was pleased to have been given the role and that she, “loves being back on set filming again. You can really see her passion shining through.”

Sick Note,” follows the story of Daniel Glass who is portrayed by Rupert Grint. Daniel is a compulsive liar who is stuck in a failing relationship and a dead-end job. One day, Daniel is misdiagnosed with a terminal disease which he then decides to keep a secret from his family and friends. After noticing how much better he is treated when everyone thinks he is dying, he continues to lie to them which leads to a hilarious chain of events.

The first series of, “Sick Note,” is set to premiere on a Sky channel in a 10pm slot this fall, with the second series already in production. The second series is the one in which the actress will star and she recently posted a picture teasing her role on Instagram. Check it out below:

The second series is expected to air some time in 2018 and we are already on the count down for it. But it seems like we might not have to wait until, “Sick Note,” premieres to see Lindsay back on our screens as her manager has said that she, “has a lot planned for the year ahead.”

Now we don’t know about you, but this news is so fetch!

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