Lisa Hocker – The Creator Of “Sales Dice”

Starting her entrepreneurial journey by writing a book called “Direct AF Sales”, Lisa Hocker always aimed to further expand her business. She learned that most of the people working in social selling had no clue how to actually achieve real success or build up refined operations. As her book taught entrepreneurs sales methods that she had developed over the years, she decided to launch other methods to teach simple and efficient methods of growing business to those struggling. 

As her book became a bestseller on Amazon, Lisa innovated a “Sales Dice”. She put her five daily step method on five sides of the dice and on the remaining seven sides she put other income producing activities. The idea behind this innovation was to create fun for users while giving them specific actionable steps to perform every day. Even though it appears to be a simple board game dice, it plays an important role in growing a network marketing business without stress or confusion. The user can just roll the dice when they wake up in the morning and execute the two action steps they are given throughout the day. For example, on a random day, the user can get tasks like “Add 5 people on SM” and “5 new biz reach outs”. These steps are easy to perform and bring results over time as this way users can make sure that they didn’t waste any time. 

To sell her product and book, Lisa launched Direct AF Sales, LLC. Available for just $20, Lisa’s Sales Dice promises to give a clear direction daily on what entrepreneurs should be doing. She believes that regular usage of her dice will help build productive habits, discipline, and a healthy routine. With her dice, Lisa also developed an online course. The network marketing course helps users move forward in specific, simple, and fun ways so that they don’t give up on direct sales. With just investing 10-20 minutes every day, entrepreneurs can successfully level up their business. Her course is available to purchase for $37 on her website and includes a Sales Dice and a downloadable companion workbook. The workbook can be edited on a PDF or printed to track progress so that users can be accountable for their own efforts and hence, maximize their productivity. 

Written by Monella