Little bit of Mason Noise

If you’re watching the twelfth series of The X Factor UK, you most likely know who Mason Noise is, at least a bit. However, you may know this singer from the past. He signed to Ambition Worldwide Entertainment in 2010 and since then he’s been touring the world.

Little bit of Mason Noise 1

The start of the competition didin’t really show Mason in the good light, as he lashed out after watching Cheryl Fernandes-Versini’s (one of the judges) performance. “How is Cheryl in the music business, let alone a judge…?” he tweeted.

There has been even more shading after this tweet, even though none of them drew such a dispute.

In the first round of The X Factor live shows, Mason auditioned with Justin Bieber’s new hit Sorry and all the judges seemed very delighted with the performance.

Everyone is super curious about Mason’s (and of course, all the other contenstans’) next live performance, which is airing on Saturday on ITV1.

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Written by CelebMix