Little Mix Give Little Precious Cora A Beautiful Gift: A Happy Memory For Life

Awhile back, we featured a news story article discussing a little ill girls’ dream to meet her idols – girl band Little Mix. Seven year old Cora has “complex medical needs with the following conditions -uncontrollable epilepsy, cerabal palsy, dystonia, hydrocephalus with a vp shunt, scoliosis, bilateral tullipies, partially blind, has a peg, mostly tube fed, can’t walk, talk, sit or hold her head”.

Despite this, she is a young girl filled with charisma and energy. While doctors told Cora’s family she wouldn’t have long to live, her parents and loved ones remain hopeful as does the rest of the world.

Little Mix Gives Little Cora's Dream Come True: 1

With the help of a petition started by one family friend, little Cora’s voice was finally heard and the lovely girls of Little Mix heard it gracefully. Check out the picture below of the girls with the family at the hospital.

Little Mix Gi 1

Little Cora was even sporting a good old Little Mix shirt (with a beautiful rainbow colored Tutu).

In a world where some stars have little time to thank, these girls have always made sure to showcase their grateful attitude for having such wonderful and passionate fans. This act alone shows what these girls are made up of, besides natural talent.

Kindness goes a very long way, and this one small act has changed Cora’s life. One of her biggest dreams was to meet these four girls, and now it’s all been set in stone.

Thank you Little Mix for showing not only human compassion but possessing lovable spirits. We salute YOU!

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Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.