Little Mix Hold A Secret Music Video

Some secrets can’t be kept any longer… Way back to 2013, Little Mix unveiled their music video for the 3rd single of DNA “Change Your Life”, featuring footage of the girlband on tour and on rehearsal.

In 2013, here’s what Jade had to say about the video “For the ‘Change Your Life’ video, we wanted it to be more about us and showcase who we are. It’s a lot more mellow and real than our previous ones. We’re just chilling and portraying the song and performing it how it should be. There are no fireworks or backflips, it’s just us delivering a great song.”

Lovely. But it seems that the original ‘Change Your Life’ music video was something else. Something basically different.

The video was shot on November 28th 2012 featuring a gay couple kissing and an overweight child being bullied according to the casting notes.

“Little Mix need help on their next music video and are looking for GAY MALES with a playing age of 16-18. We are only looking for 2 guys (either single or couple), however you MUST be comfortable to kiss the other boy on camera.”

“Little Mix are looking for a BOY aged 8-13 to be a BULLY. Although young we need this little chap to be kind of big for his age! 

Will we ever see this original music video ? We need answer Little Mix !

Written by CelebMix