Little Mix Are More Powerful Than You Think And Here’s Why

Only a handful of acts can say that they rule the world globally and girl group Little Mix seem to have that under their wing. But many critics argue that they are not international superstars due to their inability to crack the harsh U.S. market. Needless to say, this isn’t true at all.

What defines a group/artist and their success isn’t just chart numbers, but their longevity in the world of pop and the music industry. Many acts such as Robbie Williams and Anastacia never fully made their full impact in the states, but these artists have sold millions of records worldwide. And get this – Anastacia is an American singer who ironically wasn’t big there but HUGE elsewhere. 80 million in record sales prove that.

Little Mix are the most popular girl group in Australia, and have the same (perhaps even bigger) fanbase than the Spice Girls did back in the late 90’s. They’ve received multi-platinum accolades from this country. The same goes for the U.S. – where they’ve received two Gold RIAA certifications for singles ‘Wings’ and ‘Black Magic’.

Let’s also talk about their singles ‘Secret Love Song’ and ‘Hair’ – both whom have had minimal promo are having huge European and Oceanic success. The iTunes charts speak for themselves. In addition, ‘SLS’ has gone platinum in countries such as New Zealand and Australia while ‘Hair’ has had a similar fate with a silver certification in the U.K.

Think about it. Even with a minimal amount of a promotional wheel, their singles continue to sell moderately well. That alone proves how powerful of a group they are. If they had the right push from their record label in the states, this could change drastically. A full on ring of performances and award appearances and this girl group would have America tied around their fingers.

Sure these girls haven’t had that surefire top 40 hit in America, but whose to say that’s not achievable in the foreseeable future? Remember, album sales are just as critical as single sales and really define if people love a body of work from an artist rather than just one song. Little Mix have earned their respective U.S. numbers with three consecutive top 15 albums on the Billboard 200 chart and are the only U.K. girl group to achieve this feat. Something the biggest selling girl group, the Spice Girls, failed to do.

But, enough of the comparisons. All in all, the Spice Girls were a huge success and to this day are looked up to by numerous girl bands, groups, etc for their immediate success worldwide but also their daring tenacity to break into a market that completely alienates people from their true selves at times. Girl groups like Little Mix are still trying to break through completely and it’s safe to say that their time is coming.

Quite eerily similar in a way, it took iconic Motown girl group The Supremes approximately four years to achieve statewide and global success. Their longevity is praised to this day.

With a fourth album coming soon, Little Mix may just have the necessary ingredients to make it all happen. The possibilities are truly endless – and this girl groups talent will impact the world for years to come. At the end of the day, persistence is key.

Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.