Little Mix’s Case Closed: a fan’s theory

Can we talk about Case Closed, please? Perhaps the reason we’ve over looked it for so long is because it’s from their first album, and we were either too young to understand or too old to think we could like Little Mix; either way it deserves a closer look.

Case Closed is the fifteenth track on Little Mix’s debut album DNA. Released back in 2012, the album was met with mixed reviews from critics, most saying it was an average album but nothing remarkable about it – and that’s where we disagree.

Like most X Factor acts, Little Mix are often cast aside as basic and nothing deep, but we want to explain a little fan theory that blows all of that out of the water.  Meet the “Case Closed is about domestic abuse” theory.

Originally posted on Tumblr and then uploaded to Twitter, the theory proved quite popular among Mixers, many adding their own ideas to it.

The theory circles around Case Closed documenting “domestic abuse and the struggle of being in an abusive relationship.”

Selecting lyrics from the songs to support their argument, nopezzano draws on certain similarities between the song and an abusive relationship:

““I can’t wait forever but that’s how it’s gonna be
For me they’ll never be,
Case closed” 

A victim of domestic abuse rarely manages to complete rid themselves of the experience.”

The Tumblr user goes on to point out some more obvious similarities, such as “got your fingerprints as evidence all on my body, put your right hand on the book and you were found guilty” meaning the antagonist has left some form of bruise on the protagonist which has resulted in them being taken to court.

They also drew on some more farfetched ideas, reading, “I don’t want to climb, I’m afraid to fall” to mean, “I don’t want to press charges; I’m scared they won’t believe me.” We’re not too sure on that one ourselves.

It’s a fan theory, however, and so of course it can’t be taken too seriously. Either way, this shows that by giving Little Mix lyrics a second look, you can find a lot more there than you first thought. It’s also important to note that Little Mix themselves were writers on the song, showing that they’re truly multi-talented artists.

What’s your opinion on Case Closed? Simple love song or heartbreaking tale of domestic abuse? Leave a comment below or tweet us @CelebMix!

Written by CelebMix