Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock Talks Fashion

She can do it all! With a tour in full force and music in the making, it would seem that Leigh-Anne Pinnock of Little Mix would not want to spend her free time doing anything other than relaxing. But as it turns out, Leigh decides to pursue her other passion: fashion.

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In a recent interview with 1883 Magazine, Leigh opens up about tour life and her fashion blog,

“I started over a year ago, I’ve always been into fashion but it’s not just about that, it’s a lifestyle blog too, because me and my boyfriend love to travel and see new things and try new food so I thought why not try and blog about it and tell everybody what I’m doing. I started off with the fashion and went onto the travel side but I really enjoy doing it.”

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Speaking of her boyfriend, Leigh also explains how her boyfriend Jordan Kiffin inspires her style:

“My boyfriend is really into fashion as well and he’s the one that really got me into it but I’ve always been interested. He introduced me to different brands and different designers, he’s got a good eye for things. I think a lot of things I’ve worn in the past he’s had a lot of input in.”

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Little Mix began touring for their Get Weird tour early March 2016 and plan to continue until August. So where in this wild schedule does Pinnock find the time to blog? She explains that it is a hobby, and the fans understand that when she’s busy she will not post. But if the opportunity presents itself, Pinnock is sure to take it.

“There was one time when we finished a long day’s work in America where we had a photographer who was with us all day and I said to him, ‘Do you mind just taking some blog shots for me?’ and we found this really cool alleyway and took shots of my denim outfit from Marques Almeida and Jess was saying to me ‘What are you doing you’re crazy! Go to bed!’, ‘cause we’d had such a long day but I have a passion for it.”

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As most average people cannot find the time to even plan their outfits for the next day, Leigh is already looking ahead to the future of Little Mix. The girl group was recently chosen as at the international ambassador to the sports brand USA Pro but Leigh wants to go beyond that:

“I would love for us to do [our own fashion line] as a group so fingers crossed we’ll be able to do that, but even like ten years down the line I would love to have my own, that would be amazing so you never know what could happen!”

As for what’s in the near future for the incredible band? The girls have just finished the European leg of their tour and are set for an Australian leg next. Just last week, the girls also released the newest single from their 2015 album Get Weird, titled ‘Hair ft. Sean Paul.’ Although there has been fan projects as well as rumors about a worldwide tour, nothing official has been confirmed yet. We can only hope for a future chance for fans all over to be able to experience the awesome tour.

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