Live Review: Sigrid at the Gaité Lyrique

Sigrid stops by Paris’ Gaité Lyrique on her European Tour and CelebMix heads down to see exactly was is so exciting about the pop star. 

One of the continent’s hottest emerging pop talents, Sigrid has been scoring hit after hit ever since the release of ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ last year. And as the 22-year-old delivers her stellar set in Paris, it’s easy to see why.

Sigrid opens on current single ‘Sucker Punch’, strutting out in her trademark jeans and t-shirt look. Everything about the night is simple, and gloriously so. It’s a four-piece band, Sigrid and her microphone, nothing more. Higher tempo moments such as the pop gold ‘Schedules’ and sassy ‘Fake Friends’ are delivered with a power that stems just from the artist herself. There is no need for screens and special effects here, the 22-year-old’s energy is electric.

It is the Norweigan high tempo, ricocheting pop tracks that have brought her so much success, that is clear to hear on the night. What’s more, she’s sitting on some of her best material. ‘Go To War’ details a lovers’ tiff with a ferocious drum, a track big enough for any stage of the world, whilst ‘Credit’ is a certain future top 10.

Sigrid is far from a one trick pony too. ‘Dynamite’ has been a constant in her live shows for a while now and once again strikes a chord in Paris. She introduces ‘Savage in Our Blood’ as the only track she’s written not about herself, but about the mad goings-on in the world. That track has an almost eerie reality about it and at the Gaité Lyrique, nearly exactly three years on since 2015’s tragic Paris terrorist attacks, its power is undeniable. ‘Focus’ is the first track during the encore, its vocals mind-blowingly crisp.

The night closes with Platinum-certified ‘Strangers’. The prowess of that track was already clear to all and with Sigrid’s live charisma behind it, it is met with a wall of sound from the Parisian fans.

The venue’s website sums Sigrid up as “one of the coolest around, but she seems to not have quite realised it yet”. That couldn’t be more accurate. Sigrid sounds, looks and performs like all of the best in the industry, with no need at all to be someone she isn’t. The Norwegian deserves all the plaudits.

Written by Toby Bryant

Journalist and pop head.

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