Loreen Stuns Us With Emotional Music Video For “’71 Charger”

Ever since winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, Loreen has been one we’ve all been watching. Her anthemic song “Euphoria” became an international success and truly launched this Swedish female singer. After a bit of a wait, she’s been releasing new music, totally unique to her and definitely defying contemporary pop. “’71 Charger” is an absolute banger of a tune; yet, the music video has shocked us all.

Loreen is known for her art concept music videos, and “’71 Charger” is another one that is truly unforgettable. She is gearing up to release her new album “Ride” on the 24 November 2017, and we are so ready for that.

The music video was directed by Johan Lindeberg. Loreen strays away from normality when it comes to music videos, just like she did in her previous one for her “Nude EP”; where she doesn’t sing along to the lyrics – making it a much more art conceptual visual that displays a narrative relating to the song.

Watch Loreen’s Music Video For “’71 Charger” Here:

We watch Loreen explore nature in this music video. Many of the scenes see her with a 1971 Dodge Charger, which is clearly an exact translation of the lyrics. The ending is even more so, with all the scenes leading up to the heart-racing end to the music video.

There are so many theories behind this visual, many suggesting that the old Loreen is gone forever, leading to this amazing new era. It also suggests that many people in her past have told her what to do, what songs to sing, and how to look; she’s going against the so-called advice and staying completely true to herself; which we can’t help but totally respect her for.

We just know that “RIDE”, her second studio album, is going to be completely fierce. This track is the lead single from the album, and we can’t wait to hear the rest of the LP from this strong Swedish female singer.

This isn’t the only music video we have received from Loreen recently. She also gave us a water-inspired visual for her “Nude EP”. Check it out below:

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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