The Losers Club Could Potentially Be Getting Their Very Own Netflix Series!

It’s fair to say that after the Stranger Things kids, The Losers Club definitely come in second place for the greatest squad goals of all time and we can all agree that one film involving them just isn’t enough!

Fans of the horror movie ‘IT’ have started an online petition to extend the Losers Club story in to a spin-off Netflix series. According to one of the films creative team, this may just be a possibility…

“The fandom of IT Movie (2017) | Stephen King is organising a petition for a TV SERIES (Spin-Off). We really love the characters/cast and we all need to see the characters of the movie in a Spin-off from the movie before IT:Chapter² happens.

A lot of bad things are going to happen with our favourite characters, so we would be so happy if a spin-off from The Losers Club really happens and also if we could enjoy a little more from the characters in a TV-series!

Thanks with all the love and care from IT(2017) FANDOM!”

IT director, Andy Muscietti is extremely on board with this, as one fan wrote about the petition on Tumblr and Andy personally replied with his own thoughts and feelings about the situation. Andy had apparently pitched the idea a year ago, giving all fans positive thoughts.

“Ha, thanks. I proposed the Losers Club spin-off idea to everyone like a year ago. So who knows, maybe…”

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You can sign the petition for a Losers Club Netflix spin-off here.

IT will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray, January 9th 2018, jam packed with bonus features. IT: Chapter 2 is currently set for a 2019 release.

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