DISCOVER: Rozzi & Scott Hoying’s new collaboration “Lose Us”

It is well known that here at CelebMix, we love to listen to the newest and most amazing music by all kinds of different artists, whether it being musicians that have been in the industry for a short period of time but have made one hell of an impression, or artists that have been in the game for a long time.

Today we look at a pair of phenomenal vocalists, who have been in the industry for a little while and for their young ages have already made quite a splash in the music world. Female singing phenomenon Rozzi has released her brand new single “Lose Us” with Scot Hoying, the front runner and baritone of Acapella sensations “Pentatonix”.

The song “Lose Us” is about a romance gone sour. It has a beautiful melody and the blend of these two singers’ voices is incredible. The duo leaves listeners speechless as they sing about the fall out of their relationship, tackling the feelings and “fighting the truth” they have inside themselves. The growing distance in between them is also shown in their breathtaking and visually stunning music video.

Rozzi has a vocal talent that absolutely blows people away. Her high tones and soulful voice amazes the listener, and hearing the emotion and pain in her voice as she tells the story of this fallen romance is something beautiful yet heartbreaking.

Hoying has an undeniable charm in his voice – although the baritone is known for having a lower register, he knocks out so many high notes like a true angel, doing this so effortlessly. Also, the power in his voice is something spectacular, whilst he also blows his usual audience away with his signature “riffs and runs”.

The blend of these two voices together is just magical, and we believe that this song is a beautiful piece that will truly leave listeners spellbound. If you haven’t listened to the song already, please take a look at their stunning video below.

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Written by Kay Simpson

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