Lottie Tomlinson Set to Tour as Makeup Artist for Selena Gomez

It seems like talent is coursing through the veins of the Tomlinson-Deakin family and we have to admit, we wish we had blood lines to them too! Louis Tomlinson took the world by storm, alongside his bandmates in One Direction, and the lives of people across the world were forever changed.

One of those lives was his younger sister Lottie Tomlinson’s.  Lottie approached One Direction’s stylist, Lou Teasdale, for an internship and even though she’s Louis’ little sis, she still had to pull her own weight.  And pull her on weight she did.  It seems that since her work was highlighted on the road with the lads, and through snaps with Lou, many new doors have become open for her talent.

Her Instagram and now public Snapchat are full of images with her own daring makeup and hair routine and she always looks absolutely smashing.  There are also snaps of friends, clients (during beauty school drop out and London Fashion Week with Lou Teasdale), and the boys that she’s helped style for both work and play, she’s a natural.  It should come as no surprise then, that when Lottie is in the company of celebrities – they take note of her work, and some even want it for themselves too.

That’s right, Lottie Tomlinson’s work impressed a very big name celebrity recently and it was announced through an interview with Elle Magazine that Lottie is going on tour with Selena Gomez!  Lottie met Selena during The X-Factor where One Direction had their farewell (for now) and the two kept in contact.  When talking with Elle about her passion for make up and upcoming adventure she had this to say about Selena.

“She was on the X Factor in the UK at the same time as [One Direction] were. We met backstage. She came to Lou to ask her to do her hair. She had really long hair at the time, and it was getting all knotted up. So I was assisting Lou with her hair, and she asked for a makeup touchup. I said, “Sure, I can do that!” And she liked it, and we’re still in contact.”

Lottie says she’s leaving on the tour with Selena in May and the first leg is just over two months, then the rest of the tour will last through the end of 2016!  She’s used to being away from her family since she did tour with One Direction, but she says this time around, it’ll be a little bit different.

“It’s different because I’ll be on my own at first; I won’t have my brother or Lou or anyone with me. So I’ll have to meet people and make friends. That’s the part that’s the hardest, just not knowing who I’ll be with, when I’m so used to being on tour with people I’m really close with. Hopefully my family will come visit from time to time, and make it easier.”

When asked about her personal look, she said she just sees a trend she likes and tries it, and we think that’s incredible.  There are so many unique looks on the runway, in magazines, and in people you see in your day to day life that there’s inspiration to be found absolutely anywhere when it comes to fashion and beauty.  Lottie definitely not only sees that, she embraces and lives it!

For the look with Selena on tour, Lottie plans to chat with the beauty while she’s in LA soon – she already has a line of cosmetics she’s planning to order for the time they’ll spend together and with her passion and Selena’s gorgeous looks – we can’t wait to see what the two will come up with together.

As a 17 year old make up artist and world traveler, Lottie Tomlinson is definitely just at the beginning stages of taking the world by storm and much like her older brother, we know she’ll be absolutely ace at it!

You can look up dates for Selena’s tour here and be sure to follow Lottie on Instagram and Twitter for all the behind the scenes and back stage looks we’re sure to get through their time together!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.