Lou Teasdale and Lottie Tomlinson come together with River Island and Ditch The Label for “100% Me Campaign”

Bullying is a serious and unfortunately widespread issue. Today, when there are established laws against this social anomaly and so much awareness that invites people to talk about it, individuals still encounter instances of bullying.

Ditch the Label is one of the largest anti-bullying charity that aims to eliminate bullying and help the affected by providing them with a community and through support guides and resources. Below are some major achievements of charity, gained through volunteers’ commendable work:

  • European Diversity Awards 2014: Marketing Campaign of the Year (highly commended);
  • Over 70,000 young people supported between August 2013 – August 2014;
  • Produced some of the world’s largest anti-bullying research, which has been featured
    in most leading press outlets.

Social Media Influencer Lottie Tomlinson and Celebrity Stylist Lou Teasdale have come together with the charity and River Island for the 100% Me Campaign.


The campaign aims to promote self-expression and inclusivity. Both Tomlinson and Teasdale took to their respective Instagram accounts to show their support for the campaign:

Under 100% Me Campaign, for every Tshirt that will be sold, River Island will donate £3 to Ditch The Label. Additionally, for every share on Instagram with the hashtag #Labelsareforclothes and @riverisland, they will donate a further £1 to the charity.

River Island has released an exclusive range of clothing for people who wish to show their support for the movement. The collection comprises of clothes that carry the message of positivity and acceptance. “Labels are for Clothes” is a great example. The prices for the collection range from £18- £28, a range that would definitely be affordable for most shoppers.You can check out the complete collection here.

So, how do you plan to show your support for the movement? Share your thoughts via Twitter @CelebMix.

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