The Written in the Stars Friendship Between Louis and Harry

Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles from One Direction have been called everything from strangers to mortal enemies in the last five years – their relationship always remaining a topic of heavy debate in the fan base.  While the title of what exists between Louis and Harry can be debated; what can’t be ignored, changed, or denied is the way that from day one Harry and Louis have had an intense friendship.  As of late, fans have been seeing more of it again and they couldn’t be happier!

Fate has a way of stepping in and making sure our paths cross with those people who are meant to be intertwined in our lives – this is truly evident with Harry and Louis’ connection.  

Soul mates come into our lives in many different ways for many different reasons but the simple definition of a soul mate is this : a person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament. This is exactly what Louis and Harry were, and are, for each other.

While the exact time and location they met is up for debate, Harry and Louis – early on – let fans know that they met in the bathroom as Harry answered a first impression question by telling Louis he met him in the toilet.  This is also where the “oops” and “Hi!” tattoos originated from!  Harry posted a tweet in 2011 that led fans to further believe the tattoos signified a special bond between the two – and what more important way to celebrate a friendship than by getting the first words you said to one another tattooed on your skin forever?

Harry and Louis’ special bond wasn’t just important to the fans – it’s part of what got them through the exciting but unplanned beginning of their journey.  The boys of One Direction all went out for The X-Factor as solo artists, were saved as a band, and became overnight superstars – having someone beside you through all of that is important – that person being your soul mate is a dream come true.

In an early interview Harry revealed that he and Louis just got on really well and knew they wanted to live together, after that – it just kind for happened.  Most people tread the waters before they jump in to friendships, relationships, and especially cohabitation – Louis and Harry felt no need to go slow, nor were they really given the time, but there was always seemingly a plan in motion for the two of them by something no one can really explain.

That only became more evident as time progressed and Louis and Harry were easily the closest friends in One Direction – they spent almost all of their time basically glued to one another!  They met fans together, tweeted each other silly things when they were sitting side by side, and seemed to always have an inside joke – or seven – that they could laugh about when they were in a room with several other people.  Their pull to one another has always been magnetic.

When you’re best friends with someone you sort of pick up their habits, way of speech, and frequently come up with a language – both words and body – that only the two of you understand.  This connection has always been evident between Louis and Harry as well. During interviews and on stage when the boys had something they wanted to let each other know; they’d find a way to get the message across – even if they didn’t use their words!  They developed a system of what seemed to be special sign language and gestures that allowed the two of them to communicate without ever letting a sound slip between their lips.  Most best friends can attest to being able to read one another – Louis and Harry are pros.

There was, unfortunately, some down time where we saw less of Louis and Harry’s friendship and more of what seemed to be stress on their shoulders; while the real reason for the abrupt change in the way they acted around one another isn’t public knowledge – and shouldn’t be – the weight it left both of them with isn’t something fans could look away from.  It left a hole not only in their hearts, but the hearts of the fans too.  You could tell there were things they wanted to say and actions they wanted to take, but they couldn’t – at least not publicly.  Time passed and the stress seemed to fade away.  There were still some fleeting moments where you saw their connection, where you saw them feel it too – and those moments are ones that fans hold on to dearly.  We think Louis and Harry do too.

2015 – although hands down the most confusing year in the One Direction fandom – did provide fans with one lovely thing; the rebirth of Harry and Louis’ public friendship.  We saw the two fly together again, news headlines mention their names together as friends, and back stage videos where we saw them with those million watt smiles on their faces when they looked at one another.  As 2015 draws to an end and their hiatus begins we can smile and say that after the ups and downs, the good times and the bad, Harry and Louis embraced as the stage lights dimmed around them during their last official concert, their last moment on The X-Factor, and got to laugh next to each other in the back of James Corden’s car during carpool karaoke and those are some amazing memories for fans to hold on to until the boys get back!

If you’re looking for two people who truly represent what a soul-mate, survives anything and everything friendship looks like – you’ve got it in Louis and Harry.  Their relationship sure makes us appreciate that one, or if we’re lucky, more than one friend in our life who is the “oops” to our “Hi!”

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.