Louis Tomlinson Goes Grocery Shopping and It’s Apparently A Romantic Affair

In case you haven’t seen it yet, another fan fiction turned news article has surfaced today about One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson.

In a not shocking turn of events, Louis Tomlinson and actress Danielle Campbell have been spotted out in Los Angeles together during the beginning of One Direction’s hiatus and apparently a bit of time off from the filming of Danielle’s television show.

The two were first seen together on social media via *shocked gasp* more leaked snapchat photos showing Louis and Danielle walking into a surf shop in sunny Malibu on January 16th.

Ironically, this morning, a UK based news site showcased a set of photographs that were taken days earlier by paparazzi of Danielle and Louis doing some grocery shopping. The article reads more like a short informative blurb filled with over 25 photos of the pair – and Louis’ friend Oli – in the parking lot of the grocery store with descriptions you’d find as quotes in a steamy (or not so much) cheap romance novel.

The best part of the entire piece (aside from the way a UK based site got American pap photos and released them before any US news source…fishy fishy) is the way it’s trying so desperately to paint a picture slightly different than what they captured on film, that they literally put a quote below every single shot that makes sure we are following the storyline they’ve created.

distracted ? d & lThis one is one of our favorites: “Distracted? Louis’ eyes seem to temporarily linger over his girlfriends stunning figure.

Or he was trying not to knock into her as he smoked and she toted some bags to the trunk – whatevs!

Or this one!

lost - d & l

“Lost? At one point Louis and Danielle seemed to be heading off in different directions.”

They should have saved that quote for their break up headlines they’ll be publishing in a few weeks. Also, it’s been five years, can we stop with the direction jokes? Please.

Or this gem!

oli drives a taxi now i guess

“VIP trip: the pair had booked a taxi for their journey and the helpful driver quickly stowed away the bags.”

Did they suddenly forget that Oli, Louis’ pal, has been in several of their pap shots before; like every time they had an outing with Briana – you know, just as an example.

The other quotes are just as hilarious, misinformed, but good for a laugh – as they describe the very loved up couple. We’ve seen a loved up Louis before and this just isn’t it.

The amount of headlines, and stories like this are sure to keep growing as time gets closer to Briana Jungwirth giving birth to her baby. They continue to paint Louis as a careless father to be, more worried about a new romance in which the pair can’t seem to spend a moment apart, than the impending birth of his child. This fits the narrative we’ve been sold since July and unfortunately we can’t return until that paternity test comes back – luckily, like a bad Christmas present, no one’s paid it any attention – at least not the fans who truly know Louis Tomlinson.

If you need some comedic value in your day, check out the article from The Daily Mail and enjoy the captions. Tweet us your favorite at @CelebMix1D and let us know what you think about the difference in writing vs photographs.

We think it’s a riot.

Written by Ashley

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