Louis Tomlinson Announces Birth of Son on Twitter

Louis Tomlinson has taken to twitter and acknowledged the birth of Briana Jungwirth’s child in a turn of events most One Direction fans were expecting, but perhaps in a different way.

Louis followed up his initial tweet by two more, one containing song lyrics and one with three happy faces!

After the Instagram confirmation of Briana’s birth, most One Direction fans thought this would follow the same sort of storyline that the news of her pregnancy followed and they’d hear nothing from anybody on Louis’ team for a while, but it looks like this has been set up a little differently.

While many fans are suggesting these tweets are much like a series of tweets the @Louis_Tomlinson account usually posts after something has gone astray, they’re up – and for whatever reason that is, Louis deserves support.

For now we’re sticking with “it is what it is”.

Since the couple aren’t married fans are still awaiting a paternity test and most believe that this will show that Louis is in fact, not the father – especially because of the way the situation fell around him.  Until those results come back, the majority of his fans are a bit stunned that this is the way Louis choose to express his excitement about being a father – especially after dodging paparazzi earlier yesterday afternoon and looking quite annoyed at their persistence.

While it’s entirely possible that Louis has fully embraced fatherhood and has signed on without question, lest not forget that it’s also entirely possible that this is who Louis is – a young man with a large heart – and until he’s given solid reason to believe otherwise, he’s going to support Briana and her baby.  We’re constantly speaking about that kind heart of his right?  This is a show of it.

For whatever you believe, either that Louis has fully committed to being a father or that this is just the stand in time until the paternity test results come in – we fully support Louis and we want nothing but the best for him.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.