Could Louis Tomlinson be Headed to the Big Screen?

Fans of One Direction have accepted by now that hiatus Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall are approaching is everything but time off – the boys have been in just as many headlines, if not more, than they were during the last few months of 2015.  It’s just a day in the life of a One Direction fan now: sometimes there’s laughter, sometimes our hearts are warmed, and sometimes there’s more stress than not.

Some good news on the horizon came in the form of an article today that said Louis Tomlinson may spend some time during the hiatus, trying something new – acting!

There’s a film being set to start production soon that documents Leicester striker Jamie Vardy and the team in charge was vocal about Louis being a front runner for the role.

Butchart said: ‘We are looking at a few actors. Zac Effron and Robert Pattinson are two favorites, however One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson is also very much on our radar, he’s apparently a great footballer, he can act and he’s from South Yorkshire so the accent won’t be a problem for him.

Before the movie starts filming, the screen writer Alan Butchart will send time with Vardy, people who play a big role in his life, and visit some of the places that changed him, that made him who he is now.  He wants to gain perspective to get an accurate portrayal of Vardy.

While there is still a long process to go through before actors and actresses are picked for the portrayal of Vardy and the people in his life, it’s not a bad thought to consider Louis not only taking back to acting, something he did when he was younger, but doing so with a breakout role as a footie player – something he also excels at.

The team also mentions Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson as actors who have caught their interest, but spent more time focused on Louis and even brought up that he follows Vardy on Twitter and has sent him tweets in the past.

Would footie film Louis mean headband louis on a big screen, because if so, count us in – twice!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.