Louis, Liam, and friendly banter!

Sound the alarms, go buy out all the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shoppes, and call Kleenex for a rush delivery of their softest tissues to wipe your sad sad tears because Liam and Louis are fighting.

At least, that’s the story most of the media is trying to sell you today!

We at CelebMix think we know our boys a little bit better than that so you won’t catch some gossipy story about boy band troubles and tensions rising here!

At One Direction’s second Manchester show Liam and Louis took part in a bit of on stage banter – like they do every night – and had a bit of a playful shoving match before Louis walked away from the group during one of their songs.  This little nugget of a video clip was enough to raise suspicions to the general public about there being underlying issues between the boys and one source even went far enough to say that if the boys weren’t taking a break they wouldn’t last long stuck together anyway.


The article posted along with the video clip suggested that all of the boys were a bit annoyed at Louis’ antics and the way he left the stage a few times during their show.  While some people take this as reason to panic, true One Direction fans love the on stage banter, jokes, and have been to enough concerts to know ALL of the boys usually leave the stage at least once.

It’s important to mention too that all of the boys, sans Liam, have been ill for the past few shows but still not only performed but continued their meet and greets, pre show events, and charity work.

What amazing lads!

Liam even took to twitter to talk about how ridiculous the claims were that he and Louis were doing anything but joking around together on stage and posted a link to the article in question.  We love seeing the boys stand up for each other and the fans, which they do very often.  It’s clear that they have a great relationship and who would expect any less?  They get to live their dream together every single day!

A lot of speculation surrounds their upcoming hiatus but in a recent interview with Harry and Liam neither boy used the term and instead just said they needed a bit of a break.  Harry specifically saying “We just aren’t touring next year”.  Most bands/solo artists do NOT tour non-stop while writing and producing every single year for 5 years in a row.

They’re just tired everyone, and rightfully so.

So don’t worry when you see articles write about the boys having disdain for one another, and definitely don’t be concerned when they talk about Louis being anything other than prince charming himself.  We know who our boys are, we know where their hearts are, and we know they promised us they’d be back and better than ever after a bit of time to just chill out.

We love you lads, and the banter, and we’re laughing with you at anyone who can’t see what fun relationships you’ve all built!  From your on stage chemistry, to the things you do together outside of performing for thousands on stage across the world; we enjoy watching the bonds you’ve formed and love getting to experience it in person too!  One Direction concerts are the most fun fan experiences, you lot go above and beyond for us, we are forever grateful!



Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.