Louis Tomlinson and Bebe Rexha Shut Down the #TeenChoice Awards with Incredible ‘Back To You’ Performance

When the Teen Choice Award performers were announced, the internet went wild with the announcement that Louis Tomlinson and Bebe Rexha would be taking the stage with their hit single Back To You. The song has been the talk of the music industry since its release just weeks ago and they’ve both been sharing the song on social media, or at least hyping it up, for even longer.

Bebe tweeted not long ago that the pair would be closing the TCA’s this evening which is a huge deal. Like the saying goes ‘they saved the best for last.’

The pair took the stage and both looked stunning. Louis in blue pants and an oversized white shirt and Bebe in a gorgeous red number.

Bebe began her first verse singing into a mirror before turning to the crowd and hyping them up. Her voice, as usual, was incredible and the audience cheered louder for this collab than they had at any other point in the evening. She sang the chorus for the first time with the emotion and bit of sass she always does and though it’s only been performed live twice so far, it’s a song we can’t wait to see live again and again.

Louis took the stage and the crowd grew even louder as he began singing I know my friends they give me bad advice, like move on, get you out my mind’. He had the entire audience in the palm of his hands and that includes those watching from home. His stage presence is intoxicating, you can’t look away – not that you’d want to.

They joined together to finish the tune after Louis’ solo and their bond is electric. They vibe off of one another through the song with their vocals and the way they move. Playing up the lyrics and getting the crowd totally involved. It’s one of the songs of the summer, honestly, it’s one of the standout songs of 2017 so far and we anticipate Back To You keeping that thunder rolling.

They executed the tune flawlessly, their voices blending together like absolute magic. It’s incredible that they found one another and it happened with this specific song and we’re crossing our fingers for another collaboration as soon as possible.

Moments after they took the stage, Bebe tweeted this sweet photo and it might be one of our new favorite things.

Are you as proud of Louis and Bebe as we are? Let us know!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.