Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki had the best promo tour ever for Just Hold On

Steve Aoki and Louis Tomlinson are busy this week doing promo in the US for their hit song ‘Just Hold On’. After the pair performed the song on The X Factor in December, it’s been climbing the charts, getting airtime on the radio and in clubs, and earning a spot in the hearts of people all over the world. ‘Just Hold On’ isn’t just a radio tune, it’s a song that inspires, it’s a song that stands to make us all stronger.

Steve and Louis didn’t just create a song that will definitely go down in music history, they also formed an incredible friendship and it’s, quite frankly, the best thing that came out of 2016. Fate played a hand in their meeting, and Louis took it into his own when he sent Steve a message on Twitter – the rest is history. They’re a pair that you might not originally pin together, but one that makes sense. They’re actually a lot alike and they’ve both given so much of themselves to ‘Just Hold On’, in fact, they call it their baby.

Steve said, in an interview earlier this week, that working with a member of One Direction was awesome, especially as he was a fan of their music before they met. He speaks highly of Louis when they do their interviews and Louis does the same when it comes to Steve. It makes sense, as Steve helped Louis during the most difficult time of his life, and this song is a testament to that.

The pair has been busy with radio interviews for the last week, as well as an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and they’ll perform on The Today Show Friday morning. You might think that after so much promo and so many early morning/late nights combos, Steve and Louis would be tired, but that’s not the case. With each interview, they come alive as they talk about their solo projects, their music together, and the song that will go down as an influence in music history.


We put some of our favorite interview moments together, and while it was hard to narrow them down, some of the interactions and laughs between Steve and Louis have been incredible. Their dedication to the song and one another sets a standard that will prove hard to reach for people in the future. Then again, when it comes to the pair, there’s no one else like them in the world.

There was ‘boyband bonanza’.


They also hosted the SIRIUSXM Weekend countdown.


They spoke with Ben Harvey.


They got to ‘cake’ radio hosts.


They made us fall in love them, even more, when they talked about how important ‘Directioners’ are to the two of them.

They also spoke about fashion week, their own respective starts in music, how important fan bases are and how dedicated and passionate fans shouldn’t be written off as crazy. The pair spoke about things they’re fans of themselves, about what they hope to do in the future, and about how for right now, Just Hold On is their baby and they’re both putting a lot of focus on the tune. They performed on The Today Show and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where they exuded energy, passion, and star power. Even though they were exhausted, they’re a force to be reckoned with when they’re together, and the song and what it’s meant to all of us is so important to the two of them as well.

In addition to their best promo week ever, Steve announced on January 30th that they hit 100 million streams of ‘Just Hold On’ on Spotify. Congratulations you two, you deserve the world.

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Written by Ashley

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