Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki perform ‘Just Hold On’ during The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

If you’ve been keeping up with Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki, you know that they have been working hard over the course of the last week doing US promo for their hit song ‘Just Hold On’. The pair spoke with radio stations and appeared on Snapchat and Instagram stories as they spent time discussing they way they met, what the song meant to them, and a bit about their solo stories along the way. Today, for the first time on US television, the pair flawlessly performed ‘Just Hold On’ to a studio audience and tonight, fans at home were able to watch it too.

The first time Louis and Steve performed ‘Just Hold On’ was on The X Factor stage just days after Louis lost his mom, the song stood as an homage to her and as an inspiration to people all over the world. It’s continued to grow as such. Another thing JHO has done is unite fan bases as two genres of music were brought together as well as provided both Steve and Louis a platform to discuss fan interaction positively.

If there is one word to describe One Direction fans best, it would be passionate, and while Steve was sort of thrown into the fanbase without warning, he’s taken it in stride as he’s continued to build his relationship with Louis. Both Louis and Steve were blown away with the support from fans and the drive to make sure JHO reached the top.

The performance didn’t just prove that the song has, in fact, reached the top – it’s going to stay there for the foreseeable future. Both Louis and Steve give it all when they’re performing ‘Just Hold On’. After all, it is their baby.

Louis and Steve both looked incredible as they took the stage and stole the spotlight for the entire episode. When people talk about The Tonight Show, this will definitely be a performance that stands out to them. In addition to owning the stage with rockstar power, both Steve and Louis were at the top of their game with their talent and as Steve provided the perfect backbeat to the tune with his indescribable talent, Louis absolutely smashed the lyrics and hit every note perfectly as he exuded confidence and passion.


The future is bright for the pair and while many are already asking when they’ll be working together again, for now, their focus is ‘Just Hold On’ and we have to say, we’re grateful for it. This song only grows to mean more each time it’s played. Some songs just shape the history of music itself, ‘Just Hold On’ is one of them.

We’re incredibly proud of you Louis and Steve, congratulations on your US television debut.

Written by Ashley

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