Louis Tomlinson and that large heart of his

As of late when you see the name Louis Tomlinson in the media it’s usually followed by a series of adjectives that are either unnecessary or untrue.

Louis is either a ‘goes too hard’ partier, a womanizer, the bad boy, or a father to be in articles.  What isn’t mentioned enough is his large and giving heart.

Louis went out last night to celebrate One Direction’s performance at the Apple Music fest with fellow band mate Niall Horan.  They were joined by Olly Murs, and Perrie and Jade of Little Mix.  There were selfies and fan pics posted in the club where it looked like Louis enjoyed a low key evening with some pals but what’s most important is what Louis did on his way home.

There was a homeless man outside the club and though his security team tried to stop him, Louis took the time to talk briefly with the man before handing him a “generous donation”, shaking his hand, and getting in his vehicle to head home.

louis helps

In a world where we see people every day look over and past the less fortunate almost as if they’re inhuman, it’s not just nice, but an absolute pleasure to see Louis stop and take the time to not only give someone in need some financial assistance, but treat them like a person and acknowledge their existence.

The lads of One Direction have become heroes to their fans for many different reasons; their drive and motivation, their talent, their charitable souls, and their loving hearts.  If you ask any One Direction fan why these boys are their idols you’d be in for a lengthy conversation.

If you ask any Louis fan why he’s their favorite, you’d not only get a lengthy conversation, but a changed perspective into who he truly is vs who the media portrays him to be.

As promo season is upon us and Louis will likely be getting his name pushed out into the press in ways that are not so flattering and not so true, it’s important to remember the things he does when he thinks people aren’t paying attention.  It’s important to remember the look on his face as he lends something to a person who has nothing to give him in return; the caring, welcoming, “it’ll be okay” look that’s written all over his face.

It should be noted that Louis is a young adult, most people his age like to go out and have a drink, a smoke, and let loose. It doesn’t change who he is as a person, it just makes him more real, more like us.

Thanks Louis, for reminding all of us to be a little kinder today.  We’re always inspired by you.

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Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.