Louis Tomlinson Attends The Pride of Britain Awards

Louis Tomlinson absolutely wowed on October 31st as he attended the Pride of Britain Awards. During One Direction’s hiatus, he’s spent most of his time in Los Angeles but paid visits back to the UK for both work and family time which is very important to him.  Another thing that is important to Louis is being involved with charities, organizations, and causes that make life better for those in need and highlight those who work to do the same.

Louis Tomlinson Attends Pride of Britain Awards 2

Louis looked dapper in a grey suit with a thin black tie as he walked the red carpet meeting fans and taking photos. Once he made his way inside of the event, he couldn’t keep the smile off of his face as he greeted the brave, talented, generous, and wonderful people that were nominated by Pride of Britain – a celebration of people who strive to make the world better.

As no stranger to charity himself – he tells his mum (on his bad days) to make the world better instead of sulking in his own sadness – he’s constantly making the lives of people all across the globe better as well, so he was in great company as the evening went on.  Louis didn’t just attend the ceremony, he presented an award to a brave young man Dylan Graves who saved his best mate.

In addition to presenting an award, Louis placed a bid on artwork done by another child – Rhea Kara – at the ceremony in the form of £15,000 and when someone mentioned his money, he shrugged off that statement to focus the importance back on the young girl’s art. He’s never been one to focus on the funds in his bank account, he’d rather use that to better the lives of others.

Louis’ bright light is truly a unique and beautiful addition to this world and we’re quite lucky to be a fan of such a humble person. Thanks again, Louis, for proving that life is about what you can do for other people, and how you can make the world a better place for everyone.

Written by Ashley

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