Happy Birthday Louis Tomlinson. Yours Sincerely, CelebMix

Webster’s definition of sunshine is as follows.

sunshine: noun
a : the sun’s light or direct rays
b : the warmth and light given by the sun’s rays
c : a spot or surface on which the sun’s light shines

If you ask a One Direction fan what the definition of sunshine is; they’ll have a different answer.

sunshine: person
a: the little one with the cheekbones
b: the boy from Doncaster 
c: Louis Tomlinson

Louis William Tomlinson was born on December 24th of 1991 and the world has been brighter because of it ever since.  

Louis’ 24th birthday is a celebration unlike many others that fans have had alongside him since One Direction’s beginning.  This birthday is the last birthday before Louis and his bandmates officially begin their hiatus; it’s the last birthday before Louis hangs his hat on the busy life he’s led for the past 5 years and gets a taste at a bit of normalcy – at least as much as he can manage.

Louis has been called many things during his time with One Direction; some of them true and some of them false, but the ones that stuck out to fans the most were the ones that talked about how bright he’s always been.

Louis Tomlinson is sunshine personified and on his birthday we want to celebrate that.

 2015 was a year that fans of Louis Tomlinson thought they’d see him flourish; and flourish he did – but not without having to trudge through some pretty difficult situations first.  If Louis has always shown fans one thing, it’s that he’s a fighter.  From his rocky beginning in One Direction that left him feeling down on his voice, to the times people have said things about him that are both unjust and ugly, to most frequently – a slew of rumors that have left him biting his tongue, pursing his lips, and branded with a ‘Scarlet A’ that he doesn’t deserve – he’s continued to stand tall.

Nobody can drag him down.

2015 was also year that showed off just how charitable, selfless, and genuine his heart was.  Louis has done many charitable things since his time with One Direction began (and with how kind his mum Johanna is – we’re sure he was just as giving before we were blessed to know him as well).  From his part in Action 1D to joining Liam for his Trekstock Event to hosting his own Cinderella Ball with Believe in Magic so that a group of lovely little ones could live a dream world for a day; Louis gave so much of himself to people who look up to him – he stopped to make their worlds brighter.

Even when rumors threatened to tell untruths about his heart, when tabloid magazines tried to break his spirit, and when undeserving people tried to scar his image – he put on his thousand watt smile and faced the year with a sense of grace and compassion.

So while a small portion of people around the world celebrate Christmas Eve, a larger portion of people around the world celebrate Louis Tomlinson turning 24.

Happy Birthday Louis;

to one of the most beautiful people that could have ever been introduced to one person, let alone thousands.  Happy birthday to a boy who will stay young forever and continue to chase happiness every chance he gets.  Happy birthday to a person who emits light everywhere he goes, and leaves it to shine even when he’s gone.

To a person who’s tried his best and been told it wasn’t good enough by people who were afraid he’d outshine them.  To a person who’s been asked to change who he was when he shouldn’t have been.  To a person who’s still managed to love, to exist in happiness, and to inspire others to do the same – even when things in his own life were hard.

Happy birthday to a person who has redefined what it means to be humble in circumstances where he was expected to be anything but.  To someone who saw what the world had to offer and embraced it while remaining true to himself and the people and places that were there before the spotlight.  To someone who values his home, his family, being a big brother, and supporting the people in his life who helped him reach his dreams.

Happy birthday to a friend, a son, a brother, a star, a writer, a vocalist, a bandmate, a soulmate, but more importantly than any of that – an inspiration.  Happy birthday to someone that has given fans of One Direction a reason to believe in their own dreams.  To someone who has given parts of himself to the people that he loves and done so with a smile because it meant watching them grow.  To someone who knows the importance of a relationship and does whatever he can to protect those he lets into his heart.

 We hope your 24th year brings you happiness, greets you with the compassion you greet the world with, but more than any of that – we hope it brings you freedom.

The freedom to eat three slices of pizza with coors light for breakfast if that’s what your heart desires.  The freedom to play footie in your backyard until your legs give out, to laugh until there are crinkle lines around your eyes and your stomach almost pains you.  The freedom to smile and look at where you came from, where you’ve been, and where you are and to know not one moment of it was in vain – that every situation, both good and bad, brought you to right where you’re standing now.  We hope it gives you the freedom to love and to love freely; to follow the desires of your heart in a way you haven’t been able to do freely yet – no matter what those desires are.

We hope you spend every day knowing that the power within you determines the strength of what tries to break you and in reflecting back to your 23rd year and the bumps in the road you know just how important, strong, and unbreakable you are.

Thank you for being sunshine personified to all of the people who’s lives you’ve touched.  You are truly a gift to this world.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.