Louis Tomlinson Bought Girl Scout Cookies and We Are Smitten

It was a lovely Sunday in Los Angeles California but the biggest show of light wasn’t coming from the sun – it was coming from Louis Tomlinson.  Louis’ smile was huge as he walked out of a shop in LA and towards a table where he purchased several boxes of girl scout cookies!

Louis Tomlinson Buys Girl Scout Cookies and We Are Smitten 1

Like a man after our own hearts he purchased several boxes of Thin Mints and what appear to be Toffee-Tastic cookies before he left the booth with a thousand watt smile plastered across his face.  While it may seem like a small act of kindness to some, it’s still nice to see Louis buying the tasty treats and supporting a local troop at the same time!

Most girl scout cookie sales benefit the troops in many ways, from buying materials, going on trips, and helping the scouts earn different types of badges.  Each box sold definitely benefits the troop and we’re certain that Louis’ purchase helped make their day!  Most girl scout troops are involved with events that benefit their communities as well, and being in the scouts helps teach young women valuable lessons that they keep with them through their lives.

Louis Tomlinson Buys Girl Scout Cookies and We Are Smitten 2

Louis seems to be enjoying his sunny afternoon out and about – and we certainly love seeing him walking about with his very contagious smile.  Louis also tweeted today that he’s been writing again – which has fans of One Direction anxious for what side projects Louis may be involved in! Plus, it’s also nice to know that we aren’t the only ones who want to buy like 4 boxes of Thin Mints at one time.

Was this one of your favorite trips Louis has taken out and about in LA lately?  Are his cookie choices your favorites too?  Tweet us at @CelebMix1D and @CelebMix and let us know!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.