Louis Tomlinson Said to Donate Prize from Doncaster Rovers Design Competition

The Doncatser Rovers held a competition for the design of their 2016/2017 away shirt and with 33.7% of the votes a winner was chosen.  It just so happens that after the shirt was put up for pre sale, the winner was announced as none other than Louis Tomlinson, long time fan of the Rovers.

When this news first broke, fans of Louis were all thrilled for him! The Rovers have been close to his heart since he was young and not only that but Louis was able to enter a competition for fun, anonymously, and won! His passion for the team and the sport definitely showed and we think the shirt is sleek and gorgeous – a great design.

So why the drama?

Some Rovers fans have said that the competition was rigged because of Louis’ superstar fame and history with the team.  Some are upset, and have been voicing this on social media, that now fans of Louis will be wearing the shirt and not be interested in the club behind it.

What some people don’t understand is that Louis’ vocal love for the Rovers has actually been the driving force behind some of One Direction’s fans becoming interested in the club, and keeping up with them for years now.  For fans of both Louis and the Rovers, it was a proud moment to find out that his submitted design won the competition.

This sort of boils down to the age old assumption, no pun intended, that most One Direction fans are young, female, and too busy wanting to marry the lads to be interested in anything else.  It also brings focus to the way that Louis has been on the receiving end of a LOT of drama over the last year that’s both unfair, and – in large – untrue.

Louis entered the competition because he wanted to be part of something special for a club he loves and their fans – including him.  He wouldn’t take part in something for selfish motives or because he was ‘guaranteed to win’.  No one even knew who the designs were submitted by!

The winner was obviously given a prize and it should come as absolutely no surprise that it’s been said that Louis won’t keep it.  Instead he will do something with the trip to Thailand – and a lucky fan or family in need will end up with it instead.  Just another show of his kind heart.

Louis’ large heart has been shown in a number of ways since he’s been part of One Direction but lately, after a series of character attacks, people spoke up even more about his kindness.  Families that had their lives touched by Louis have come forward and shared parts of their stories that weren’t picked up by the media, parts of their stories that were previously just between Louis and themselves.  It’s been lovely hearing about the kindness he’s given to anyone that needed light in their lives – he’s been a light to his fans for over five years now. 

Did you like Louis’ winning design?  Did you become a fan of the Rovers after you found yourself being a fan of One Direction, and if so, is it because he inspired you to check out his favorite club?  Will you be ordering one, or like twenty, shirts designed by Tommo?  Tweet us at @CelebMix1D and let us know.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.