Louis Tomlinson drafted in to help X Factor ratings?

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson is set to be drafted in to help Simon at the Judges’ Houses stage of The X Factor to try and help improve the show’s ratings.

As Strictly Come Dancing made its debut this weekend, it won in the ‘ratings war’ against X Factor – with 8.7 million viewers and at its peak, there were 9.7million viewers.

Strictly Come Dancing had 41.7% of the market share with X Factor only having 32.8%. X Factor had only 7.5 million viewers with 9 million being its peak number of viewers.

Tomlinson is set to replace Simon’s regular Judges’ Houses guest, Sinitta, who has helped Simon with the decisions of who he is to take to Live Shows over the years.

Simon wants to make this series a success – making changes such as a new judging lineup, new presenters, Judges’ Houses being broadcast live, doing away with the room auditions and he feels that having a quarter of the world’s biggest boyband help him in the Judges Houses stage, it would really help to make the show more of a success.

Syco boss and X Factor judge says he loves how outspoken One Direction member Louis is, and how he isn’t afraid to tell people if they’re terrible.

Simon has said that he wants One Direction’s last gig to be on the X Factor Final – ensuring that the band’s last performance before their break is remembered!

It was rumoured Louis was going to join the X Factor panel this year as he assisted the show significantly last year but Louis quickly dismissed such rumours saying that he ‘wouldn’t have time’ as the ‘Drag Me Down’ hitmaker is still on the band’s world tour alongside other band members Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne.


Written by Rachel Dempster