Louis Tomlinson again Falsely Painted as One Direction’s Resident Bad-Boy

The one thing every One Direction fan will agree is the brightest silver lining about Louis, Harry, Niall, and Liam finally being on their break is that the room for ridiculous “news story” headlines is smaller than ever and should hopefully cease to exist at all.

However, it comes as no surprise that there are still a few attempts being made at gaining clicks on articles littered with untruths and rumors by ‘unnamed sources’ who, since around July, seem to have done nothing in their lives but follow Louis Tomlinson around and feed ridiculous rumors to various ‘media sites’ including The Sun, The Mirror, and Hollywood Life most prominently.  It also seems that these  unnamed ‘sources’ are the only ones who have somehow witnessed this terrible behavior on Louis’ part while named ‘sources’ have taken to social media and discredited almost everything that’s been said.

It’s neither here nor there that One Direction fans have discovered a series of links between some of the reporting sites, their authors and editors, and people linked in with One Direction’s team.  The bottom line is; the powerful hands that surround One Direction have never truly seemed to look out for the best interest of the boys and in a year where you’d think their PR team, or anyone around them would have wanted to boost the positivity surrounding the boys – we got an influx of negative headlines and stories.  Perhaps this is due to a team that knows they’ll no longer be able to make money off of Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall once they return.

The negativity heavily surrounded Louis in the past, but this year it was a heavy focus after his “baby” rumors were announced on July 14th.  Every headline with his name went almost viral immediately and it seemed that he was a mule used to sell stories, boost ratings, and even be seen with women who many questioned may have something to gain by being seen with a man who had his name so heavily focused on.  The clubs he frequented this summer have his photos all on their websites, the girls he was seen with have their names in the media, and even a seemingly normal time out with someone who has no ties to him other than friendship has boosted a specific name in the media as of late.

There is truly no stopping any story in 2015 that was linked to his name – unless of course – it was a positive one.

We’ve reported on the numerous charity events Louis was a part of in 2015, plus the kindness he gave to multiple organizations when his time and presence couldn’t be given.  He also reached out to fans and kept them strong in the face of the uncertainty that surrounded the band in 2015.  His heart, his time, his finances, and his spirit were spent in beautiful, meaningful, worthy of talking about ways this year; but the sad truth is – they received none of the credit they deserved.  Although Louis did all of his hard work asking for no recognition – he definitely deserved it over the nasty mistruths he was forced to see about himself.

The latest headline asks, again, about One Direction going in different directions – a play on words that’s been played out since about the beginning of time; and specifies that Louis Tomlinson was left alone.

If you click into the article, be prepared for nothing exciting – at all – but you will see the piece specify that each boy stopped by their “goodbye for now” party before going their own ways after – so why is Louis again singled out for being left alone and going to club with some friends?  Isn’t that what this break is said to be for, relaxing and having a taste of normalcy?

It was again, posted on social media, that Louis remained at the club barely long enough to finish a drink before leaving, but that isn’t mentioned in the piece.  Instead it focuses on trying to make Louis the black sheep and odd ball out – something heavily placed on his shoulders after bandmate Zayn Malik left earlier this year.  Zayn is noted as the former “bad boy” of One Direction and in his absence, it seems they gave the title to Louis.  Neither boy truly stands as someone deserving of the title.

It’s the hope, dream, and wish of every One Direction fan that Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall find a bit of peace, a bit of comfort, and a lot of freedom on their break but it goes without saying that although the boys will be on break there will still be outlets who stretch to put out news that paints the boys in a way that makes the general public question if they’ll ever come back, if they were ever that close, and if they’re worth idolizing at all.

The truth is – they will, they are, and they’re definitely boys with hearts of gold – and we at CelebMix will do all we can to stand up to the negativity and keep bringing you another side of the story to consider.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.