Louis Tomlinson Go-Karts With The Girl Band He’s Been Working With And We Are Jealous

It’s not every day that chasing your dreams leads to working with someone as incredible as Louis Tomlinson, it’s definitely not every day that working with Louis leads to spending some killer out of the studio time with him too.  For a few young ladies from a band in LA, this has been their day to day lately and we have to say – we’re impressed!

Louis is said to be working on his own label during the course of One Direction’s hiatus and he’s recently been seen in the studio with a girl band from Los Angeles.  Rumors started that Louis has been working with the band, to what depth remains unsure, but no matter what – it seems that he’s at least mentored them in some way.  Today, it seemed like on top of helping them musically, he made an effort to make sure they had an awesome afternoon as well.


Louis, Stan, Oli, his bodyguard, and the band that Louis is rumored to be working with spent their Friday at an indoor Go-Kart track – getting a nice mix of business and pleasure.  It’s nice to see Louis not only take the girls under his wing musically, or so it seems, but to make sure that during their journey they’re also able to step outside of the creative process and enjoy their lives while getting to know one another.

Harry, Niall, Louis, and Liam were placed together and thrust into overnight stardom, while the road was enjoyable for the lads, there were also times where their road was hard and full of unexpected bumps.  It was quoted recently, by someone who should have had their best interest in mind, that they were a ‘nightmare’ at first because of their excitement and youth.  Louis, having experienced what he did with One Direction’s team, obviously knows how to treat people and has a clear idea of what not to do when you’re at all handling the dreams of young adults.

It’s nice to see Louis exploring another part of his dream while taking some time off the road with One Direction; if he’s learned anything alongside his bandmates during their first chapter it’s that hopes should be nurtured, dreams should be acknowledged, and fun is just as important as work – if not more!

We are excited to see more of Louis working with talented young people, seeing what kind of dreams he helps pave the way towards and what sort of changes this makes to him as a person.  We think it’ll only make that large heart of his grow bigger, and the people who are lucky enough to encounter him along their own journey will never forget it.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.