Louis Tomlinson: Heart Of Gold, Wrong Portrayal

If you pay attention to the media and are a part of the One Direction fandom, you will not be oblivious to the negative media attention Louis Tomlinson has been getting around the last few weeks.

The media’s purpose is reporting breaking news, depending on the subjects they write on. It’s not there to allow a journalist or columnist to be negative towards someone, but unfortunately we have all seen these horrible stories that try to damage your views of someone in the public eye. In this case it’s Louis Tomlinson.

‘Louis, 23, a member of One Direction’ is Louis’ definition on a large amount of websites, but he is way more than that. He is a charitable, kind, loving, selfless and funny person who has brought light to so many lives around the world and spread positivity by being himself.

I don’t want to focus on the exact things Louis gets accused and penalized for doing because we already know, and this wouldn’t be a positive article if we elaborated on those things.

So what has Louis done that is selfless or charitable? Well, get pens and paper at the ready because the list is long.

  • He helps and visits a little girl named Eden who has a rare brain injury, he has had countless fundraiser events for her charity The Eden Dora Trust and often goes around to her house when he has the time, to help her out with school subjects. Aww! This is currently ongoing.
  • This August he did a charity football match for Bluebell Wood, a charity for children based in Sheffield near Louis’ hometown of Doncaster, he raised just under £2 million.
  • This August he also held a ball with his mum called ‘Believe In Magic Ball’. Which was a charity ball that helps spread magic for terminally ill children. Louis raised £2 million and Liam Payne also donated £50,000 to have his face painted.
  • And let’s not forget all the work he’s done with the boys where they have teamed up with charities such as Rays Of Sunshine, Stand Up To Cancer, Trekstock and their own campaign Action 1D to raise money and awareness for different causes.

Louis said when the boys take their break, he is wanting to take part in more fundraising activities and events.

Personally I can say Louis has helped me a lot with different issues, along with the other boys of course. He deserves the recognition for his selflessness and his desire to give back to others! I’m sure that the rest of the fandom have my back on this.

So I think it’s justified that the media only show one side of Louis that isn’t true or factual, we all know the real Louis Tomlinson.

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Written by CelebMix