Louis Tomlinson isn’t hiding drug use; One Direction is just tired

For ‘journalists’ in the middle of a One Direction smear campaign it’s another day, another article, another dollar.  For fans of One Direction in the middle of a smear campaign it’s another piece of work written by someone who has absolutely no idea what they’re talking about but continues to spew fallacies like their life depends on it.

At CelebMix, we try to provide you with the truth in the middle of what is showing itself to be one of the most vicious attempts at slander against Louis, Harry, Niall, and Liam thus far.

The most recent attack?  The Inquisitr is pointing fingers at Louis himself being the reason for the irreconcilable differences that will surely keep One Direction apart forever.

The writer begins by stating something no one who picks up a magazine or reads online articles could have missed this year; that Louis’ name has been all over the headlines.  He goes to say that it’s been for all the wrong reasons and it hasn’t led for happy reading for Louis or his fans.

Unfortunately; this writer isn’t incorrect.  If you’ve read articles in People Magazine, The Sun, Hollywood Life, and The Mirror – just to name a few – you’ve seen Louis’ name in the headlines followed by ridiculous stories of his out all night partying, being a “father to be”, and acting in a way that’s got the rest of the lads mad at him and him sleeping on busses instead of hotels.

The writer only solidifies that this is the middle of a smear campaign but for Louis, it’s been going on for over a year now.

What he fails to mention are the charitable acts Louis has been part of this year, the Action1D campaign all the lads were a part of, or the numerous visits he’s made to sick children in hopes of brightening their day, bringing them hope, and giving them a break from the painful lives they usually lead.  Did we mention that whole Cinderella Ball he threw for a group of sick children where he actually made them mini kings and queens for the night – hired paps and all?

Don’t worry; we remember all of those acts and then some, and we won’t let people forget.

He states that the negative image around Louis began in 2014 with the infamous video of Louis and Zayn smoking in a car.  Now if this writer believes that smoking a joint in the back seat of a car makes you the worst person in the world – he needs a healthy dose of reality. He doesn’t stop there, he proceeds to bring up a second instance where Louis was seen with a joint and then – seemingly out of left field – he says that it was also speculated that Louis was using cocaine although there was no evidence ever found to support the claim.

So then why bring it up? 

Oh wait; because scandal, drugs, sex, and debauchery sell.

This writer must need a new pair of winter boots or that coat he’s been eying in the Burberry Window for weeks. 

The writer then insinuates that because of his party boy ways and illicit drug use his break up with his girlfriend was imminent and then he touches on the most publicized yet ill supported rumor of all…

Louis’ impending fatherhood with Briana Jungwirth, the “between jobs/drop out” stylist he met in LA.

Convenient that, innit?

Now let it be known that Louis has responded to the rumors of him becoming a father on a couple of occasions in the media.  Although he’s never said the word father, used Briana’s name, or mentioned the word baby.  All he seems to be able to get out through pursed lips and rolled eyes are the words “I’m buzzin” and “Very exciting time”.  It’s also been said by interviewers that ‘personal issues’ were on a do not ask list on the day of big press for Made In The A.M.

So…there’s that.

The reader then realizes Christmas is coming up and he’s gonna need the big buck to fill his wish-list needs so he brings up the money maker that the media slams fans for believing but won’t stop publicizing.  His “definitely nothing more than enemies” relationship with fellow bandmate Harry Styles.

This journalist joins the ranks of people like Dan Wooton, Jan Moir, and recently Sophie Wilkinson who use “Larry” in their articles for no other reason than to call fans “off their rockers” for believing in the ridiculous relationship.  What’s more ridiculous however is their desperation to mention it at every turn – almost like they know it’ll be the only thing in their article that is remotely relevant because through their denials and “exclusive” quotes from “sources” that show nothing but hate and disdain between Louis and Harry; they just can’t let it go.

The writer continues by bringing up the allegations made against Louis by ‘father’ Troy who hasn’t been a part of Louis’ life for years but apparently had dirt on him that would ruin him entirely.  The situation was sad as soon after Troy was taken to hospital after a suspicious situation.  We hope Troy is in better health physically and mentally now and feel the situation was never worth mentioning anyway as again; nothing ever came from it.  Just another way to make people make up negative scenarios against Louis with no validity or proof other than a space for a very active imagination.

What article in the smear campaign would be complete without the mention of Louis’ getting kicked out of his hotel recently?  An article that is concerned about the truth – that’s one.

Louis’ hotel kick out has been debunked publicly but these sources have chosen to ignore this, like they ignore any positivity around the boys of One Direction, especially Louis.  It’s sad but it also goes to show you just how far they’re willing to go to sell a narrative even when they know it holds no value and no truth.

That speaks very loud of every bit of media coverage we’ve seen of the boys over the last few years.  These outlets will sell untruths and completely made up narratives and not lose a wink of sleep over it.

The piece brings up the most “awful allegation” of all – the rift in the relationship between Harry and Louis that absolutely no one knows the basis of.

Perhaps because it doesn’t exist?

He speaks about how there are separate methods of travel and blames Louis for this too, and goes to say that Louis and Liam are the only two real mates left in the band.

So now it’s not just Harry that can’t stand to be around Louis, but Niall too?

Wonder where their evidence to support that is.

We’ll be waiting.

In closing the writer makes sure to quote that source from Sony that called Louis a ‘little sh*t who’s managed to annoy a lot of people’ because why not throw one last punch while he’s got readers on his page.

All of these stories contradict each other; they all lack any reputable source, any real value, and any sense of truth.  Sadly this is only the beginning of what’s looking to be the most extreme smear campaign that Louis, Harry, Niall, and Liam have encountered so far.

Louis Tomlinson has proven himself to be nothing more than actual sunshine to his band mates, his friends, his family, and his fans for years.  He is not the reason One Direction is falling apart; in truth, he’s a big part of what keeps them together.  He’s got a little bit of snark, a little bit of sass, a great big heart, and a smile that’s so contagious it lights up entire arenas.

So Louis will go on break with his band mates and live his life with some downtime full of video games, greasy food, footie, and his best mates and family.  He’ll no doubt enjoy his lads holiday and work on writing new music and setting up a girl band he’s been working on since earlier this year.  Louis will continue to thrive, rise, and show his incredible heart off to the world.

These writers; they’ll soon be out of material, out of luck, and out of the hefty paychecks they made off of trying to ruin the images of four young men.

Sorry; but they lose.

Louis wins. Harry wins. Niall wins. Liam wins.

Their true colors are brighter than the dim ones that try to stand against them.

They always will be.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.