Louis Tomlinson Leaves Impression on Up and Coming Band, The Wrecks

Louis Tomlinson has been a very busy man so far during One Direction’s hiatus, from vacationing around the US and the UK to attending The Brit’s with bandmate Liam Payne and even doing work in a studio in LA, he’s constantly on the move.  It seems fitting, in a way, that he’d have a bit of trouble totally leaving behind a jet set life after living it for the last five years.

That being said, he has managed to enjoy downtime during the break too!  Most recently, some of that downtime put Louis at the right place at the right time to give some advice to an up and coming band based out of California.  He truly doesn’t ever turn off his charm.

On Monday March 7th, Louis went to Silverlake Lounge where he was able to hear some live music.  This likely happened for two reasons; to enjoy being in the crowd of a music venue (is there anything better?) and because it’s been said that he will spend time during One Direction’s hiatus scouting new talent.  During the show on Monday, a band called The Wrecks had a time slot to perform and apparently Louis was impressed enough with the band to send them some positive words after their set.

Photos were released on social media Tuesday of Louis with the band alongside a photo caption that showcases how his kindness is always shining bright.

It’s no surprise that Louis would have kind words to say to musicians who are in a place that he was, and still in many ways is – on the road to chasing their dreams.  Louis may be a famous musician, a world renowned talent, but the reason that he, along with Harry, Liam, and Niall are still part of One Direction, still writing and producing music – is because they are still on the road to chasing their dreams as well.

We can’t imagine how it would feel to be performing only to find out that Louis Tomlinson was watching, and more important than that, to hear his motivational words after the set.  We’re absolutely sure that the lads from The Wrecks won’t ever forget it.

We gave them a listen after seeing their tweets and we see why Louis had nice things to say, they’re a talented bunch!  They seemed to enjoy the support that was brought in after Louis’ gesture and have released a free version of Favorite Liar for 24 hours.

Check them out and tweet us at @CelebMix1D and let us know what you think!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.