Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne: the banter continues

Recently, the world was shocked (or, well, not so much actually) when footage surfaced of our favourite boyband member Louis Tomlinson being pushed out of the way by our other favourite boyband member Liam Payne whilst performing in Manchester. While this is all in a day’s work for the 1D boys and none of their fans were even remotely shocked, the incident was quickly picked up by the press and turned into a whole lot more than it actually was.

Anyone who has ever seen a One Direction concert or interview is well aware of the fact that the boys pushing each other around is no biggie. As a matter of fact, a regular 1D show contains at least one water fight, usually combined with some silly string spraying or Gatorade throwing for good measure.

Liam was quick to defend himself from the accusations thrown around, turning to twitter to claim the story was “the funniest story he read to date”. We know babes, we know.

Today Louis joined in on Twitter – and as expected, he couldn’t leave out a cheeky dig at Payno. Louis tweeted Liam, saying that he wouldn’t dare push him seriously anyway because he knows the consequences. Since Louis recently discovered the wonderful world of emoji’s, this statement was followed by a whole bunch of them which made the message a lot more endearing than mr. Tomlinson probably had in mind.

However, the tweet was deleted minutes later. A fan pointed out that Louis accidentally called Liam a lad, which Louis quickly corrected to ‘boy’, Liam not belonging to Louis’ lads crew another running gag between the two.

We sincerely hope the banter between the boys continues on its regular level and can’t wait to see what they get up to tonight in Glasgow.

Written by CelebMix