Louis Tomlinson’s Old MySpace Photos Show…That He Was Just A Normal Teenager

Today, an article surfaced about Louis Tomlinson and some old MySpace photos and we’re sort of wondering what on earth the point of that was.  Except, of course, to use his name and the words ‘new dad’ in the same headline with a negative connotation to place doubt in the heads of people concerning his ability to be anything other than an irresponsible boy-bander.

But we digress, sort of.

See, the thing is, if you managed to pull up anyone’s old MySpace profile; the results would be embarrassing enough to make some of us want to change our names and go hide out somewhere for like…ever.  The social media site was huge when most of us were coming into our teenage years and experimenting with every hair color imaginable, putting on 3 tubes of eyeliner in one sitting, and sometimes holding hands up in the shape of a fake gun with some totally emotional lyrics as the caption – you can’t even deny it.

This article brought up some photos of Louis and a babydoll as well as him enjoying a beer while clearly being under the legal age to drink.  There’s one of him ‘feeling up’ a female on a sofa too but that looks about as sexually charged as when he touched the oversized Brit Award last month.  We have to admit, we didn’t even pay attention to the beer at first – we were too busy checking out that hairstyle he was rocking.

And yes, there was the one of him pretending to hit at a babydoll; is it the best look in the world? Not exactly, but one of our friends had those dolls that cried all the time because of parenting class in school and she almost tossed it in a trash can one day.  Sometimes, it just is what it is.

There was a photo of Niall enjoying a beer too, looking quite young and seemingly enjoying himself – no harm done there either.  They’re just lads being lads.

As far as drinking underage, let’s see a show of hands from everyone who’s done that – we’ll just assume the show is large.  It’s sort of a rite of passage, having a beer when you’re 14 and hating the taste, trying a mixed drink one night and feeling dizzy in the middle of a laughing fit.  We aren’t condoning it, but we sure aren’t going to use it to shame people either, nor say it affects who they are as people today.

Today, both Louis and Niall are part of one of the world’s largest bands – EVER – and they spend their time making music, changing the lives of their fans, donating to charity, and enjoying their youth alongside Harry and Liam.  They have responsibilities and they also have fun – they’re allowed both.

It seems that since the four piece are on a hiatus the news days are slow and people are resorting to digging up dirt on old social media profiles to find a reason to mention their names.  Some people are just proper lucky that social media wasn’t a hit in their own youth.

Did these photos inspire you to take a look at your old MySpace profile and find some embarrassing photos too?  Tweet us at @CelebMix1D and let us see!


Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.