Is Louis Tomlinson Hearing Wedding Bells? We’re Going With a Definite No.

Every year, come February, you start seeing more red and pink hearts in your local shops, start hearing more love songs on the radio, and seeing previews for romantic films set to hit the cinema.  For One Direction, specifically Louis Tomlinson, it seems that this February has brought with it one big rumor about a love going right, and going right quickly.

Rumors about Louis Tomlinson and Danielle Campbell began to blossom late in 2015 when the pair were seen together, on a couple of occasions, in what seemed like cozy situations.  They went out for frozen treats and dinner while in LA and Chicago before being seen for a night out together in London.  Fans and media were speculating about the budding romance between the two and after a ‘leaked’ kissing photo during a ski trip, followed by a trip to Atlanta – everyone but Louis and Danielle themselves had all but confirmed that the two were falling love.

Louis and Danielle have also been spotted together in LA during a very romantic shopping trip that actually read more like glorified fan fiction captioned under a few photos – one that even called Louis’ mate a taxi driver – but we digress.

The newest speculation on the pair comes from Movie News Guide and wants to lead readers to believe that Louis and Danielle are engaged.


Yep, the rumor was released on the evening of February 5th and most fans have been taking the piss with it.  The reasons for the rumored engagement – or almost engagement – are adoring looks, spending time together in the alps, going on walks together (we can’t make this up…), a kiss being blown (which was later debunked as Danielle wasn’t even in the car), and last but not least – happy birthday being videoed to Danielle’s cousin.

So by these standards – the jewelry world should be in an engagement ring drought because we should be buying bands left and right for just about anyone we know.  We go on walks with our mates quite often – does this mean we should be following those up with bouquets of roses and sappy love letters?  Does the time we sang happy birthday with our pals at a restaurant mean we’re all set to be sister wives?

This is confusing. 

If you want to talk adoring looks, it seems that the media missed the mark with that one – quite frankly we’ve never seen a more adoring look than this one.

But what do we know?

So we’re not exactly buying that Louis and Danielle are headed to the chapel anytime soon, nor are we going to start planning our wedding with anyone we’re mates with, but to each their own cuppa.

Personally, we’re still waiting for Louis’ official hiatus to actually begin and for him to enjoy all the lovely things he was looking forward to; footie, greasy foods, having no responsibilities, and going on that lads holiday!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.