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Louis Tomlinson and the Not Quite One Direction Hiatus

If you take a moment to look back at One Direction interviews leading up to their hiatus; Louis, Harry, Niall, and Liam were all looking forward to a few things – some time off the road, some time to sleep in, and some time out of the spotlight.

Louis Tomlinson however, has been doing everything but as he’s been seen in Chicago, Atlanta, London, and The Alps in the last few weeks through fan photos, pap photos, and a series of leaked snap chat videos that are making fans shake their heads.

So far, it seems like the break for Louis hasn’t quite begun.

A story broke this morning, exclusively by The Sun, *rolls eyes* that Louis Tomlinson and his “new girlfriend” were finally professionally photographed together.  The two were said to be jet setting off to their next vacation spot after the very elusive pair just returned from their first romantic getaway.  Oh, and Oli (Louis’ pal) was there too!  Fans laughed at this as nothing about Danielle and Louis’ time together has been anything but publicized, albeit not by paps but by fans and one ‘friend of Danielle’ who seems to keep leaking private photos and videos of the pair without being asked to stop.

Nothing fishy about that at all…

It’s also funny that their arrival destination yesterday, after their London departure, was no vacation hot spot, but the city where Danielle films a television series.  Looks like all those “sources” that deliver “exclusive totally 100% true” information to The Sun really don’t know what they’re talking about at all.  Anyone surprised?  Yeah, didn’t think so.

If you want to add one more piece of comedic relief to the story – the writer even used a manipulated photo of Danielle and Louis to make them seem a bit more chummy than they were as their car was being loaded before traveling to the airport.

If these ‘articles’ are good for anything it’s definitely their laugh factor, as nothing in the bulk of the piece is believable anyway.

This abundance of the media spotlight on Louis, after he was so excited to be out of it, has most One Direction fans believing this situation with Danielle is less of a romance and more of a mutual promo situation between pals.  Danielle has a film being released soon and a television series returning in January and Louis’ name hasn’t quite left the media at all in 2015.

Louis has also not ever been overly public with his love life, we’ve almost seen more of Louis and Danielle, or at least been read more of their story in weeks than we saw of Louis and Eleanor in years.

The pieces just don’t seem to add up.

With Danielle’s television show returning within weeks and One Direction’s break officially beginning; we’re hoping that Louis truly gets to embrace his time off very soon.

While he’s been getting to spend some time in incredible places doing some pretty awesome things, we’re sure he still wants some time to relax, and soon!  After all, he is the one who wanted nothing more than to not set an alarm, have no responsibilities, eat terribly greasy food, and plan a lads holiday.  We think he deserves that.

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