Louis Tomlinson Releases Lyric Video for his Vulnerable Track ‘Just Like You’

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are, you’ve seen the massive impact of Louis Tomlinson’s newly released song, Just Like You. The track, which isn’t a single, was a ‘gift’ of sorts to Louis’ fans, and it is easy to see why.

When Louis released his song, he said it was a tune for his fans. The song helps them see him in a different light. However, the true point is that the light is actually very much the same. Perhaps in more ways than we originally imagined.

He promised fans a lyric video and with its release today, it surpassed the expectations of his fans, by a long shot.

The lyric video for ‘Just Like You’ doesn’t just show how Louis deals with the same struggles as his fans, it shows how everyone is in a fight for equality.

In the song, Louis talks about headlines that he can’t stand, and he drove that point home in a massive way. The video shows the lyrics of the song in words ripped from headlines as various images appear, both photographs and sketches.

The headlines touch on everything from the recent sexual assault accusations brought up against Harvey Weinstein to racial injustice and LGBTQ+ issues as well. There are pieces of literature explaining mental illness and how to talk to children about it as well as articles on the importance of Black Lives Matter and the way it was impacted by Colin Kaepernick.

The video proves to fans of Louis, and anyone who is paying attention, that this song was truly special to him but not for selfish reasons. Yes, he does want his fans – and the general public – to understand that he’s more like us than we know. However, he also wants us to look at ourselves and at one another and see the likeness that exists there, too.

We aren’t all that different, at least not in matters of love and health, happiness and equality, and more importantly the right to exist and to live our truth. We all, not only want, but deserve those equal opportunities and with this video, we are forced to look within ourselves to make sure we aren’t part of the problem.

What next? Well, we make steps and even if they’re small ones at first, we become part of the change that the world so desperately needs. Sometimes, that comes from taking a moment to listen and responding with love rather than hate.

It won’t always be that simple, but when it can be, shouldn’t we allow it? To think, we were just looking forward to an awesome lyric video to go along with Louis’ already incredible song, but he surprised us all once again. Isn’t it wonderful to be a fan of Louis Tomlinson?

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.