Louis Tomlinson Reveals First Photo and Son’s Name

Louis Tomlinson has taken to social media with a lovely photo of himself holding a sweet little boy against his chest – and the fandom finally has answer as to what his name is.  Little Freddie is in Louis’ arms wearing stripes looking very cozy.

Louis’ son was born on January 21st and after a lot of pap photos of him and Briana with the child still covered, he took to social media to give his fans the first glimpse of the new light of his life.

Louis posted the photo and his mum quickly retweeted it – both obviously happy to share the first snap that anyone has seen of the tiny little baby.   He looks proud, comfortable, and like he’d do anything to keep his little boy safe.  It’s a lovely image.

He followed up the photo tweet with this one soon after, further confirming the baby’s name.

Freddie Tommo has quite a ring to it!  He then tweeted one more time to thank everyone for their compassion.  It seems that with the photo officially posted he got a slew of incoming tweets about how precious the snap was and how proud fans were of him for sharing the first photo himself, in such a sweet way.

Louis seems to be enjoying his new life as a father and we are happy and proud of him for embracing the new role with such loving, caring arms.

Congratulations Louis – well wishes for the newest chapter in  your life!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.