Louis Tomlinson’s baby rumor is true…Or is it?

One Direction fans were promised a big announcement on GMA this morning, so faithfully, we woke up at varying times around the world to see what the band had up their sleeves.  We expected a possible album title, maybe even a tour announcement; what we got was a joke of a “confirmation” about the Louis Tomlinson baby rumors.

At 2:38 Michael Strahan completely skips over asking Louis for confirmation about the rumor and goes straight into congratulating him on the baby news in which Louis’ face goes into a pained smirk.  He quickly composes himself and allows a small smile to slip out before saying

“Thank you yeah.. uh obviously its a very exciting time so uh I’m buzzin thank you.”

We don’t know about you, but as someone who’s watched Louis be ‘buzzin’ about things before, this is definitely not what it looks like.

Body language speaks louder than words more often than not, and if you look at Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall, none of them are exactly screaming excitement with their words or their actions.

Also, we all remember when Louis was asked if he was dating Harry his response was something like:

“Some people genuinely think we’re in a relationship.”

Followed by a sly grin, and burying his face into Harry’s back to bite it before continuing to be playful.  The “Larry” rumor is something fans say really gets under Louis and Harry’s skin, but his reaction to that rumor was joyful, so why the somber tone around the baby?

The interviewers took it a step farther then, after about 5 seconds of painful awkward silence when the female looked directly at Harry and said:

“Harry, you seem very quiet today.”

To which he replied he was just tired, but again, One Direction fans are trained to look between the lines.

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Louis still did not, one time, in any interview, state that he was going to be a father.  He’s never said the words father, baby, Briana, thrilled, happy, etc.  He’s never gone to twitter to thank his fans for supporting this “monumental life change”.  There have been no public congratulations from his band mates, family, friends, or anyone who you’d expect to see excited about this, and from the horses mouth itself, we’ve seen nothing to signify that this is a joyous time except for the cornered reply he gave this morning.

Louis Tomlinson was raised by a wonderful woman who worked as a single mom for a long time.  She did everything she could to make sure Louis and his siblings had everything they needed, he had a father figure step into the picture and although he and Johanna are no longer together, Mark stays an active part of Louis’ life and congratulates him on his many accomplishments.  He’s said nothing about the baby either, instead focusing on the “sperm donor” who threatened to drop a bomb shell about Louis if he kept refusing to talk to him.  Johanna herself has stayed silent about these rumors, and with her big heart we all know she’d be welcoming the new addition and probably glowing with pride about her son being a father if there wasn’t something serious going on behind the scenes.

Yesterday the fandom was also bombarded with very suspiciously timed club photos of Louis and Briana all but being intimate on the dance floor.  There were then fans who came to Twitter and Tumblr with stories about how PR people reached out to them and invited them into the club where the very public display of Briana and Louis happened and they were told to take photos and selfies and make sure the two were spotted in the back ground.  These fan photos were meant to be released a while ago but the demand for them wasn’t high enough so they were saved until now.

One of the photos that made it’s way around the internet showed Briana in a white crop top and skirt, Louis in a white shirt with his hand in her hair.  This photo wasn’t released by a fan strategically placed at the right spot though; it was released by her own grandmother.  Another photo showed Louis in a jacket, Briana in one too, with almost the exact same pose but her cousin, Ashley, was in it.  Now for two people who are supposed to be supporting Briana; a very shy, private girl…they released two very intimate snaps of her on a public forum before returning their own twitter security settings back to private.  Seems like they’re really doing a lot to protect her integrity and wishes to be kept shy. yawns

We’re placing our bet on Briana’s ice cream man being the next person to give a confirmation story or talk about her shy childhood, what about you all?

So One Direction fans, we urge you to take this with a grain of salt, all of it.  Watch the “confirmation” video and instead of just listening to the pained voice in his response, watch Louis’ face, Harry’s, Niall’s, even Liam’s.  Wether you believe in Larry or not it is obvious to almost everyone that this baby rumor is no where near over, and goes deeper than any of us imagine. 

If the rumors are true; congratulations Louis, truly from the bottom of our hearts and the hearts of all of your fans we want nothing but happiness and the best for you.

But for now, we’ll channel our inner Harry and leave you all with this.

Louis Tomlinson baby rumor is confirmed….


Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.