Louis Tomlinson’s Compassionate Heart Makes Huge Impact

If you’ve kept up with One Direction over the last five years – how could you have missed them – you’ve definitely seen a change in Louis, Harry, Liam, Niall, and Zayn, before his departure.  The lads went from wide eyed boys with a dream to young men who have changed the world, sometimes without realizing they were doing it.

Louis Tomlinson is a perfect example of someone who, upon finding fame, also found that what’s more important than the money you make and the notoriety you have – is the way you live your life and love you send out into the world.  Louis loves freely, without regard to circumstance, and with no desire to get credit or recognition for the kindness he spreads.

Louis Tomlinson's Compassionate Heart Makes Huge Impact 2

From the moment he was able to start using his fortune to benefit others, Louis did.  His work was first recognized when he paired with Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice and organized a charity football match to benefit the center.  He also paid a surprise visit before the match to ill children who couldn’t be in attendance, just to show them that they mattered.

He went on to work closely with The Eden Dora Trust – a lovely charity that aims to benefit families who have been affected by encephalitis  and ABI’s.  Eden was diagnosed with encephalitis when she was just six and her life, as well as the lives of her family, were changed forever.   Louis stays in touch with Eden and her family to this day and he and his mum still interact with the charity as much as possible.

Louis has also been involved in charity events with the lads in One Direction.  The band traveled to Ghana to raise money for underprivileged children who lived in poverty, some of them so incredibly young, spent their days digging in dumps to find items to sell – just to try to support their families.  This was one of the most emotional things we’ve seen the lads take part in, and watching Louis talk to the children who knew no life other than that was heart wrenching.  You could tell he was truly moved.

Louis worked with Believe In Magic for some time but in 2015 he put on an event that made everyone stop and appreciate the kindness in his heart.  There was a beautiful Cinderella Ball planned for sick children which allowed them to get out of their lives for a day and transform into princesses and princes and attend a lavish party where they were treated like royalty.

The event was a smashing success and his mate Liam Payne attended and ended up with a painted face by the end of the night (the two were in a bit of an auction challenge).  The stories that followed the ball were all incredible – the families that got to attend were changed forever and Louis helped some of them create lasting memories to hold on to.  The photos from the evening showed Louis looking happy – he truly enjoyed being able to help so many people experience happiness.

Louis has helped families outside of charity organizations as well – and when he couldn’t show up at events, his mum Johannah was there to stand in his place.  He always wants to make a difference, even if he can’t be there physically.

Louis met with the family of a sweet girl named Georgia after her wish to meet One Direction was posted on social media and noticed by his mum. Louis tweeted after their encounter that she was inspirational and her family posted the next day that their night was absolutely incredible.

When Louis put on a London Zoo party through believe in magic but was unable to attend due to tour, his mum stepped and met the Hext family for the first time.  Harvey was a little boy suffering from cancer and his mum said he stole Johannah’s heart from the beginning.

This meeting spurred one of Louis’ most kind, but understated, acts of charity to date.  Louis not only invited Harvey and his family the Cinderella Ball, but to Disneyland Paris with suitcases full of clothes and a stay in a castle.  The family was also invited to a show where Louis took the time to learn what each of the Hext children would enjoy and left them all gifts before they got to attend the show – he took care of them along every step of the way.

Harvey’s story was told after his passing and you can read more about it here.

If you’re not a devoted fan of the band, you’ve likely missed these headlines because most people are quick to report false stories and paint Louis in a light that suits them instead of the light he deserves.  Even knowing that this is the case, Louis smiles and continues to shine, he takes a bad day, or a bad moment, and goes out to make someone else smile.  Louis takes what would break others and uses it as motivation to go out and build up anyone who needs it.

Louis Tomlinson has truly set the standard for young celebrities without even realizing that he was doing it; and that says everything about his character.  Louis shows that what should be important is the way you live and the way you spread your love – and his love is everlasting.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.