Breaking down the walls

Louis Tomlinson’s fans break down his debut album track by track

Louis Tomlinson released his debut album Walls over the weekend. We reviewed it and thought it was a rather brilliant debut ( the Donny lad knows how to write a decent song full emotion that gives you all kinds of feels.) But we wanted to know what his fans thought, after all, these were the people who’d patiently been waiting years for this moment and constantly have is back both professionally and personally.

So we took to Twitter get some feedback from some of Louis’s fans. we spoke to a few of you who gave feedback on each of the tracks of his debut album.

Kill My Mind

“It’s that song that it gives u the best vibes for dancing and singing along. It’s his best song to represent him as an artist Don’t let break your heart: a great tune to give u hopes and power to keep fighting for what u want and never let anything drag u down! “- @lwtishandsome

” To start Walls with this song was such an amazing feeling. I LOVE this song. ” – @louisetseb

” Super fun and energetic, love the live sound.” – @Elounoraesthet1

Don’t Let it Break Your Heart

” A great tune to give u hopes and power to keep fighting for what you want and never let anything drag you down! ” – @lwtishandsome

“I love this version, probably the best version of Don’t Let It Break Your Heart! I loved how it made Louis’ voice stand out more and I definitely love the lyrics so much.”- @louisetseb

” Louis is really good at looking at a sad situation and letting it motivate him to keep going and this song is all about finding hope even while feeling sad. ” – @Elounoraesthet1

Two Of Us

“A special song for Louis and for everyone has lost an important one in their lives. It has helped me though!” – @lwtishandsome

” This song is the closest to my heart and it encourages me to always live my life for me and for those whom I have lost.” – @louisetseb

” Louis wrote this about his personal experience with tragedy and while it is sad he talks about keeping his late mother in his heart and treasuring the memories while living to make her proud. So beautiful. “- @Elounoraesthet1

We Made It

” Louis made it! he made it now by achieving his dreams that he shared with his loved one and we joined him, to make it bigger. “- @lwtishandsome

” I love the tune of this song so much and the lyrics it’s so beautiful .” – @louisetseb

” What can I say? We really made it! It’s a really catchy song! “- @wtvokay

Too Young

“A beautiful tune described his personal life. I loved his vocals so much in this song.” – @lwtishandsome

” I’ve been waiting for this song ever since Louis performed it in Madrid and I have to say it’s definitely one of my favourites! I love it so much.” – @louisetseb

” Once I heard Louis singing it on CCME, I knew it would be one of my favourite songs from Walls and it’s so relatable! ” – @wtvokay


” He broke his walls, he faced the whole world with the real Louis. He’s now the one he wants to be.” – @lwtishandsome

” I now understand why it’s Louis’ favourite, it’s one of the most beautiful songs on the album, every time I listen to it I fall in love with it more and more. ” – @louisetseb

” A beautiful song about breaking down the barriers of your heart and opening yourself up and being vulnerable so that a relationship can be stronger. Love the metaphor and also Louis’ voice really shines as he sings the sad verses. ” – @Elounoraesthet1


” I really love Louis’ voice in this tune, it’s another song about his personal life. ” – @lwtishandsome

” This song is so beautiful, and Louis’ voice even makes it more beautiful I just love it so much!” – @louisetseb

” Here the mood is transitioning from a sad reflective state of mind to honestly admitting when you keep thinking of someone. His pattern of thinking is becoming all about them and this also has some references to 1D as he mentions.” – @Elounoraesthet1

Always You

” it’s such a beautiful romantic song that makes me so happy to hear it, I’m glad he added it to his album. ” – @lwtishandsome

” This is my favourite from the whole album. I love Louis’ voice in it I love the lyrics I love the tune everything about this song is just perfect.” – @louisetseb

” I was so excited about this one and just wow! It’s such a good song, so catchy and it gets into your head really fast! ” – @wtvokay


” The way he started the song with kids’ voices and ended it as well with them. It’s a beautiful song about youth life and being strong as well ” – @lwtishandsome

” The children’s voice at the beginning made me feel very soft and I fell in love with the song, even more, when Louis started singing. it’s beautiful .” – @louisetseb

“I love the children’s voices in this and it’s a positive song about finding strength throughout your life and appreciating even little accomplishments. “- @Elounoraesthet1

Perfect Now

” It’s that tune for keeping going on your way to make your dreams real. It’s just so empowering!” – @lwtishandsome

“I definitely love the lyrics of this song and Louis’ voice so much it’s that kind of the songs that you just want to close your eyes and listen to and then everything is perfectly fine.” – @louisetseb

” Louis writes this song in what seems to me like a song of appreciating who you are and it touches on girls’ insecurities and how love transcends any flaws. “Not all queens have crowns” is a standout line and I feel like Louis is saying to his sisters and the fans that they can shine no matter how they look and even in their sadness they can be beautiful. “- @Elounoraesthet1


“I have been in love with this tune when he sang it in Madrid. It’s such a great tune with beautiful lyrics.” – @lwtishandsome

” This one is my favourite right after Always You! I have had it on repeat ever since the album was out, this song is very special.” – @louisetseb

” Love the way this gets stuck in your head but most of all just love all of what it says. All about being vulnerable with who you love and accepting that they know how to see through you and admitting it is a good thing to make you closer. ” – @Elounoraesthet1

Only The Brave

” He ended his album with an amazing song that he didn’t even write it but it fits so much with his unique voice and unfortunately it’s short but the whole album shows me that Louis is such a great lyricist who finds the right words to express his emotions. He has worked so hard on it to make it perfect like that.” –@lwtishandsome

” Didn’t want this song to end so fast, it was so beautiful and a perfect ending to the album, I am so in love with it.” – @louisetseb

” Short and loud as I saw someone saying! This song deserved way better! It deserved to be much longer because it’s a really good song!” – @wtvokay

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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