Louis Tomlinson’s Photo with his Two Little Siblings Absolutely Made Us Melt!

On any given day, there are very few things in this world more attractive than Louis Tomlinson.  He’s got an incredible smile, lovely eyes, and cheekbones that give us all David Bowie feels.  On top of all that, he’s got a caring personality that shines from the inside out which makes the total package that much more lovely.

On any given day there are also few things more attractive than a guy who cares about his family.  Having a good heart comes from having a loving foundation and Louis is a shining example of that.

So when you put two and two together; you get four right? And when you put Louis and his little siblings together; you get a picture that makes us all saw “awwww” as we try to piece back together our completely melted hearts.

Louis’ family has been spending some time in the US and the U.K. while Louis, and the rest of One Direction, have been spending some time off the road.  Recently (most) of the Tomlinson-Deakin clan made their way to sunny LA for a bit of a vacation and we’ve seen a few snaps of Lottie, Daisy, Phoebe, Ernest, and Doris enjoying the city.  This morning, Jay took to Instagram to post a snap of Louis, Doris, and Ernest together and we have to thank her for letting us all see that bright, gorgeous smile of his – it’s been too long.

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Lollipop time with big brother ?

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Louis said, in interviews before the band took some time off, that one thing he was most excited about during the hiatus was spending time with his family.  The entire Tomlinson-Deakin crew is 100% family oriented, they always look the most happy and relaxed when they’re with one another. Louis has been, even while on break, quite busy and has probably spent less time with his family than he intended to so far.  The good thing is, when you love someone, no distance is too far to travel so Louis’ family packed up and brought the love to him.  The smile on his face says it all!

That new snap made us think of another photo we saw just last year of Louis and his little siblings looking just as happy – how could anyone forget it? He is beaming and proud to be a big brother, and he sets an incredible example for all of his siblings!

Louis Tomlinson's Photo with his Two Little Siblings Absolutely Made Us Melt! 1

We hope the family enjoys their time together for however long their stay in LA lasts and that, see them or not, there are plenty more photos of Louis and all of his siblings and lots of those knee weakening smiles to go around.

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