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Louis Tomlinson’s Second Single ‘Out Of My System’ Is Ruling Our Playlist

Before we start our article, we need some moment to breathe. Finally, “Out Of My System” by gorgeous voice holder Louis Tomlinson is out. It marks his second single from his sophomore album “Faith In The Future.”

It feels like a dream to get a song which Louis quoted as “pulsating, punk-tinged.” Punk Louis, can you hear us screaming? The guitar, his voice, the lyrics everything is getting us from the start to end. He went as punk as he could get away with and we are loving it so much.

Louis said, “Out Of My System is a pulsating, punk-tinged song inspired by Arctic Monkeys’ ‘Teddy Picker’ or Dancing shoes.” He also said, “Out of My System… Definitely one of my favourites on the album.”

Listen to the song here.

When we first heard the snippet which was 7 seconds long, we knew it would rule us. Louis and his voice never fail to make us energetic whether the music is slow or rock. We can’t get enough of “Out Of My System.” We know you are also wishing the song to be more than 2 minutes 17 seconds like us.

Louis said that he will announce his next tour dates “very soon.” With “Out Of My System and “Bigger Than Me,” we can imagine how amazing his tour will be. We cannot wait to hear him live again. We want Louis to play guitar and sing this song on his tour to bless our souls.

Go and tell your friend to check out this awesome song.

We can literally hear us screaming the lyrics “gotta get it out of my system/gotta get it off my chest.” Our hearts are full, ears are blessed after hearing it. Well, headphones are really not enough. We seriously need to hear it live as soon as possible.

Our beautiful Louis Tomlinson has always been honest with his lyrics and “Faith In The Future” is going to describe him more as an artist. We cannot wait to have the whole album. The second solo album of Louis is going to be released on 11th November this year.

Tell us your favorie line from “Out Of My System.” Which song are you excited to hear from “Faith In The Future?” Hit us up @CelebMix.

Written by Arpita Sarkar

A passionate writer with faith in the future