Louis Tomlinson’s ‘Always In My Heart’ Tweet to Harry Styles Reaches 2 Million Retweets on Valentine’s Day

Louis Tomlinson’s declaration of love to Harry Styles has officially reached 2 million retweets on Twitter and the best part?  Louis’ icon wasn’t an egg for this special occasion!

We wrote earlier about how fans of One Direction, specifically of Louis and Harry/Larry were on a mission to get the tweet to reach 2 million on Valentines Day and their mission was accomplished – the tweet was gaining thousands of retweets by the hour through the afternoon.  The gesture has to be one of the cutest we’ve seen from fans in a long time; they were determined to reach a goal to show support, love, and understanding – and they knocked it out of the park.

The AIMH tweet has long since been more than just a tweet; it has been a message to Harry that no matter what happened in their future, Harry would always be in his heart – through the ups, downs, good days, bad days, and anything else that came their way.  It was also a message to the fans that Harry was special to Louis; so special that no one could stop him from saying it, and very publicly.

Harry and Louis were definitely brought together by fate and when your paths are meant to cross; they’re going to – no matter what.  They’ve continued to be a show of that from their immediate bond from day one to the way they still vibe better off of each other than anyone else.  They were truly meant to be in the lives of one another in some capacity.

It’s impossible to look back at old photos, videos, and interviews from One Direction’s younger years without seeing the immense love between Louis and Harry; they looked out for one another. From moving in with one another almost immediately – “it just kind of happened”, Louis’ first home cooked meal (and most romantic) being with Harry, Leeds Fest, to traveling the world together and seemingly not wanting to experience any of it with anyone else – Louis and Harry were experiencing all the best parts of life with one another.

Soon after the AIMH tweet was posted, interaction between Louis and Harry publicly changed, leaving some to believe a great divide had separated the two.  What some fans didn’t notice, or didn’t want to notice, was how their personal relationship also began to change.  The two developed a way of communicating without words, they still watched out for one another – just differently, and they inked their bodies to tell stories that their voices weren’t allowed to tell.

One Direction as a band definitely embrace songs about true love, lasting romance, and overcoming  obstacles. In songs like Ready to Run, 18, Fireproof, Drag Me Down, and famously – Little Things – it’s easy to find footage of Louis and Harry almost reassuring each other that, like the lyrics to the tunes prove, they’re going to make it.

Now, more than five years after the stars aligned and the two were brought together, they’ve experienced more than anyone could have imagined.  Along with Zayn (before his departure), Niall, and Liam – they ruled the world.  In 2015, a year that brought loss and what could have been the end, Louis and Harry bonded together, along with Liam and Niall, and showed everyone just how strong they are.

In their strength, fans began to see more of Louis and Harry the way that they used to.  The two joked more on stage, interacted more in interviews, had that undeniable connection where they understand one another without the necessity of words – and it was beautiful.

So when One Direction fans got the tweet to 2 Million retweets on a day that celebrates love – it was a homage to what Louis and Harry have done for fans for years.  It was a thank you to the two for showing fans that love is real and worth fighting for.  It was a way to show Louis and Harry that they’ve always got their back, just as Louis and Harry have done so often for their fans. Perhaps, more important than any of that, Louis’ tweet reaching 2 million retweets told them both that if there is more to their story than has ever been put into the public, that they’re supported in that.

Today is a day for celebrating love, in whatever regard it exists, and fans of Louis and Harry should be happy to be part of such a sincere gesture; after all…

Love wins, always.

It goes without saying that Louis and Harry have enhanced the lives of a lot of their fans; today, fans hope to have enhanced their lives too.  We believe they have, we believe they’ll continue to, and we believe that there’s nothing more important than embracing love where you’ve got it – because all encompassing love is truly, very rare.

Lucky us, to have seen it so vividly over the years.

Always in our hearts Louis & Harry . Yours sincerely, CelebMix

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.