Lourdes Leon to make her modeling debut for Stella McCartney’s ad campaign

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes ‘Lola’ Leon will debut as a model for Stella McCartney’s Pop perfume campaign, her first new fragrance in four years. Leon will be joining Grimes, Kenya Kinski-Jones, and Amandla Stenberg for the campaign.

A student at University of Michigan, Leon has led a life away from the spotlight. Well aware of the darker side of fame which tries to take away the right of privacy of celebrities and their families, Leon has been successful in leading a life on her own terms.

“I have a lot of people judging my every move,” she told vogue.com. “It’s important for me to not let it rule my life.”

According to Vogue, the ad campaign is an attempt  to “promote self-acceptance” by offering a “refreshing alternative to the occasionally divisive atmosphere of body shaming and the unfiltered opinion-sharing that currently exists on social media.”

While talking about the campaign and the issue of body-shaming, Leon said,

 “I go through this struggle myself, [where] women’s bodies have been made so public that everyone feels like they need to comment,” Leon told the outlet. “I love when someone doesn’t pretend to be someone they are not.”

McCartney, who had known Leon “for her entire life”, posted Leon’s photo on her Instagram account.


We wish Lourdes Leon all the success in her new venture.

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