Why we love Louis Tomlinson

Everything lovely in the world.

 Louis Tomlinson is one of the few people we’ve had the absolute pleasure of watching grow up. In those five years we’ve grown to love every part of him so now it’s time to tell the world why we love him so much.

The way he treats his fans is only a start. We’ve seen numerous stories about how kind and understanding he is to fans who are transgender or transitioning. Then everyone has seen how he interacts with fans via Twitter. Using numerous emojis and joking with fans who promised they would ‘pee their pants’, if louis replied to them. Also just simple tweets showing his appreciation.
Behind his ‘bad boy’ persona we see how truly gentle hearted he is. Donating to numerous charities and promising the chance to meet him for fans who simply donate money for good causes. Let’s not forget that he held a whole ball for ill children who wouldn’t be able to attend their school dances which every child has the right to. When he dyed his hair red for RedNose Day.
Louis, your good deeds have not gone unnoticed.

Then of course, louis himself. He is every star in the sky, combined to make a beautiful constellation. We love when he rolls up his jeans because they’re probably too long. When he’s next to tall fans or the other boys in a photoshoot and goes on his tippy-toes our hearts explode. His aesthetically crafted face, we love his hollow cheeks and every crevice in between. His button nose and every ridge on the bottom of his teeth, we love them. And oh his accent reminding us just how British he is. I’ve never heard someone pronounce ‘Tattoos’ as ‘Ta-oos’ but now it just feels right that everyone pronounces it as such. His ability to look so youthful by leaving his fringe hanging honestly drives us mad. Even the occasional bags under his eyes remind us how hard he works. We can’t wrap our minds around how winsome he is, but perhaps that’s part of the allure.

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We can’t leave out how incredibly talented he is. When he’s truly in his element on stage, it’s a lost for words moment. He leads every song especially ‘No Control’ and ‘Right Now’. We would describe his voice as pretty. His voice is more gentle than the other boys, almost like you can hear the sincerity. His stage presence has the ability to connect with every fan regardless of barriers. He has the ability to bring all the boys together, that makes those huge venues feel like home to every fan. Every song he writes feels like a piece of him. All the songs he writes are so beautiful and meaningful we can’t wrap our heads around it. We can feel him pouring his heart out, that sincerity makes the fans feel apart of something special.

Louis, if you’re reading this we love you. Every nook and cranny, inside and out, is truly lovely.

Written by CelebMix