Love will conquer all: Harry and Louis, not just a hug

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, at the end of the last OTRA show, gave us one of the best gifts we could ever ask. After three years, they gave us a moment of their everyday life, but with a deeper meaning: they hugged on stage. Yesterday they showed us a part of themselves they kept hidden for years, they gave us an unique moment of love, the first after years. Yesterday Harry and Louis proved that it’s not hate that dominates their relationship, it’s love. The love they used to give form to that hug, to that pure and beautiful gesture.

After the group hug, Harry and Louis looked at each other, Louis shrugged and then they hugged. Their bravery met their love, and with a single gesture, they won. They won against the rumors about them hating each other, against who always worked against them. Harry and Louis looked at each other and in that moment something snapped. The last show before the hiatus deserved a first sign of truth, the first of an hopefully long series.

Like the wave is brought to life by the wind, that hug has been brought to life by the fervor of their bravery and the strength of their love. And how did they feel while hugging, after three years? What did they feel in that gesture, which is at the same time a gesture of release and rebellion? They felt love, peace, relief. In that hug they found a peace they didn’t know they needed, the ardour of their love for their constant need of hiding finally found its peace, and that love and that relief are clear on their faces. It was such a spontaneous gesture that their love is clearly showing, because they didn’t lie this time, they were themselves and their feelings are showing on their faces without the usual layer covering them. Their love is showing in the way Harry anchors himself to Louis, hugging him tightly, holding onto him, burying his face into Louis’ neck, in the way Louis wraps himself around Harry, with his tiny hands scrubbing Harry’s long back, in they way they’re so delicate with each other. In they way they found home in each other’s arms.

Harry and Louis aren’t just “Harry and Louis” anymore, they’ve become “HarryandLouis”. Harry and Louis are now one, the perfect union between two voices combined together to create a beautiful symphony. And this is just the first harmony of their symphony. This is their first step of a journey where love will conquer all, where bravery will step aside, leaving love as Harry and Louis’ only guide, because bravery won’t be needed anymore.

Harry and Louis, thank you for this gesture, thank you for giving us this part of you, thank you for this small act of rebellion. Thank you for showing us the look that lovers have when they hug after a storm. I wish you a pleasant journey, keep going, we can almost see the end of the path. You’re almost there.

“All I can do is say that this arms were made for holding you…”Love will conquer all; Harry and Louis hugged on stage 4

Written by CelebMix