Luca Hänni Drops Music Video For “Bella Bella”

A week after he released the single “Bella Bella“, Luca Hänni has dropped the accompanying music video. The visual follows up his Eurovision Song Contest 2019 entry, “She Got Me“, and has a similar storyline, although it’s a very different scene.

This music video has been directed by India Rischko, who also dealt with the choreography. She is also credited as a creative director alongside David Lei Brandt – who also stars in the clip as a dancer; the clip also includes three other dancers who are Daniel Asamoah, Samia Hofmann, and Tessa Achtermann. The visual includes a fake director, played by Xhemajl Morina, and a fake camera guy, played by Kai Sistemich; it also stars model and dancer Hannah Levitt Collins as Luca Hänni’s love interest, Bella. Three extras also appear, and they are Nils Bilse, Michelle Mittermeier, and Pia Kujawa.

Where “She Got Me” was set in a bar/club, “Bella Bella” is set on a music video set. Luca Hänni is showing off how they record music videos by starring both in front of the camera and behind it. We’ve seen this a lot in music videos, TV shows, and even in films – it’s not something new, but it always feels like something fresh every time we see a new interpretation of it. Throughout, Luca Hänni is distracted by Bella, who seems to be the personal assistant of the fake director. He meets her eyes more than once and they have a cute dance scene when they’re at the buffet table together. In front of the camera, Luca Hänni performs the choreography perfectly and brings it just like he did on the Eurovision 2019 stage.

Watch Luca Hänni’s Music Video To “Bella Bella” Here:

Bella Bella” is available to download and stream right now, via muve recordings – a division of Musikvertrieb. We believe a new album is on its way – we sure hope so.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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