Interview: Lucien Dante

Say hello to Lucien Dante, a nineteen year-old singer, songwriter, producer and artist from Chicago, USA. From infectious hip-hop beats and raunchy lyrics on tracks such as Do Me Something to haunting piano compositions à la Solace, Lucien is an artist so versatile, original and talented beyond belief.

Writing and singing about what inspires him, love and pain, Lucien tackles the entirety of his music single-handedly; from dreaming up melodies and beats to the lyrics, vocal and music video, nothing is too big of a task… a true visionary artist who does not limit himself to a particular field of expression or genre.

In our world exclusive video interview, a first for, we chat to the up-and-coming star about his music, his journey to fame and his life-long goals and ambitions; this is without doubt an interview, and an artist, that cannot be missed.

Written by Jack